how did dora die

Right, why are people telling us to Google how Dora the Explorer died on TikTok?

Swiper is still with us, thankfully

So, the internet is effectively continuing to ruin our childhoods every day. Five years ago, people were spreading deep rumours about Winnie the Pooh representing various mental illnesses and all the Rugrats actually being dead. Oh, there was also that one about the “lost” Simpsons episode where Bart falls off a cliff.

Even our old pal Dora couldn’t escape from people’s weird desire to kill off kid’s show characters.

The newest trend making the rounds on TikTok involves Googling the unthinkable question: How did Dora the Explorer die?

@talialopes_ who makes this stuff up 😭 #fyp ♬ original sound – AntiNightcore

TikToker @talialopes_ posted a video two days ago (28th May) in which she said: “record yourself before and after searching ‘how did Dora die?”

The first half of the video showed her lipsyncing to background music, while the last few seconds left her open-mouthed, speechless.

Almost every one of the 6,897 comments have speculated as to how the beloved character actually did meet her terrible fate. But – which one is the “real” answer?

How did Dora die?

how did dora die

Photo via Nickelodeon page ListOfDeaths posted about a seemingly fake Dora the Explorer episode named “Dora No More.” In the “episode,” Dora apparently gets killed 17 times. Seriously, the page even has a segment called “Dora kill count.”

The different killing methods include “pushed into quicksand by Boots,” “knocked into a river by Swiper and drowned” and “disintegrated by a lightning bolt.” Clearly, someone had a massive vendetta against the We Did It song.

Hang on – is Dora actually dead?

Can confirm, the child backpacker did not die 17 times in a show made for five-year-olds. Dora the Explorer ended in 2019, and the final episode was released on the same day as the film.

The series finale ended with Dora and her friends taking musical instruments to her classmates at school – while the film ended with the team completing an ancient Inca mission.

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Featured image via Nickelodeon and TikTok.