Hanger reflex challenge TikTok

What is the hanger reflex challenge all over TikTok and does it *actually* work?

If you’re using a wooden hanger for this then you’re an idiot

TikTok has made all of us do some odd things over the years, but the weirdest by far has to be the new hanger reflex challenge. Thanks to TikTok, thousands of us have been wedging our thick heads into a hanger and hoping something will happen. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about this trend including which type of hanger to use and whether it actually works.

Do not use a wooden hanger for the hanger reflex challenge on TikTok

Look, I just know there’s people out there in the world who have attempted this with a wooden hanger and it’s gone wrong. So just don’t even try it. Wire hangers are easy to pull apart so your head fits. Wooden hangers are painful when you have your bulbous head shoved into one – I learnt this the hard way.

Here’s what you want to do to complete the hanger reflex challenge from TikTok:

1. Gently stretch out a wire coat hanger so it’s roughly big enough to fit over your head

2. Put your head into the wire hanger’s newly formed hole

3. Once in place, your head should involuntarily move either to the left or the right

According to a Japanese study from 2015 the reflect is real. But I tried it myself and I can confirm my head didn’t move one single bit. Maybe where I placed the hanger wasn’t precise enough and it didn’t hit the right places to apply pressure? Anyway, it didn’t work but it’s hilarious to think of all the people stretching our perfectly good hangers to squeeze onto their head for no reason at all.

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