Where is the ‘this is the land of your people’ TikTok audio from?

This is not the land, this is Glendale

It feels like Kourtney Kardashian is everywhere right now, thanks to her wedding with Travis Barker. However, that’s not the only reason, she’s also going viral on TikTok. On the app, one of her old iconic one liners “this is not the land, this is Glendale” is going viral with nearly a million views associated with the quote.

People are using it in TikToks to describe places people would argue are the “land of your people” but are actually far from it. For example, TikToker Nohail Mohammed created a video where he said Pakistanis are told this is the land of their people but actually they’re referring to Bradford and not Pakistan.

@nohailchooch Big up BRADISTAN #fyp #bradford ♬ original sound – Dash City

Other people are using the audio clip to joke about somewhere that actually is the land of their people like the TikToker elsastoast, who used it to say “this is the land of posh private school people” and then said: “this is not the land, this is Exeter uni.” If you’ve ever stepped foot on the University of Exeter campus, then you will know it is 100 per cent the land of posh private school people.

@elsastoast #fyp #uni #exeteruni ♬ original sound – Dash City

But when did Kourtney originally say the quote? And why?

This is where the ‘this is the land of your people’ TikTok audio comes from:

The viral audio is originally taken from a clip from a Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode.

In the episode Kourtney takes her son, Mason, to lunch with her mum Kris Jenner. They go to an Armenian restaurant in Glendale, Los Angeles.

Kourtney and her sisters are half Armenian on their dad’s side, making Mason a quarter Armenian and therefore why Kris says to Mason “this is the land of your people.”

However, Kourtney doesn’t quite agree that the Armenian restaurant in Los Angeles they’re eating in is actually their homeland, hence why she says “this is not the land, this is Glendale.”

Glendale is known to have a large Armenian population but it definitely isn’t the same as actually being in Armenia Kris.

Watch the full clip of their lunch here:

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