Senior Year plot hole dad

Guys, Senior Year fans have spotted *another* plot hole and it’s about Stephanie’s dad

Being in a coma for 20 years doesn’t come cheap!!

Senior Year viewers love a plot hole, that’s a fact, but there’s one they can’t get over and it involves Stephanie’s dad.

Senior Year follows high school cheerleader Stephanie who ends up in a coma for 20 years after a cheer stunt goes horrifically wrong. When she wakes up it’s 2022, she’s 37-years-old and dead set on going back to school to her dream of being prom queen. As she leaves the hospital, she looks pretty healthy and strong for someone who’s just woken up after 20 years in a coma.

In the film, Stephanie’s dad is a widower working at Blockbusters and then Best Buy by the time she’s out of her coma. Sure it’s wholesome that he’s been waiting 20 years for his daughter to make a recovery but let’s be real, that’s two whole decades. Jim’s confidence that his daughter would wake up is cute but fans can’t help but wonder how the hell he managed to pay for her life support whilst working at Blockbusters.

One person on Twitter said: “Okay, her dad is working at Blockbuster and then 20 years later he’s working at Best Buy. What insurance did he have to support his daughter being in a coma for 20 years?”

Originally fans pointed out a major plot hole in Stephanie’s freak accident – it’s wild no one went to prision for attempted murder. I’m starting to think this movie is a bit unhinged.

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