Just a bunch of savage reviews calling Senior Year ‘predictable’ and ‘unimaginative’

It was given 27 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes looool

Whoever thinks Senior Year on Netflix is a good film is straight up lying to themselves. It’s been branded as unfunny and was even given two stars by The Guardian. Not to mention it’s scored a tragically low 27 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. Some of the reviews have been downright savage but then again what do you expect when your movie has a gaping plot hole and is so cringe it’s made everyone’s toes curl? Anyway, here’s a bunch of savage reviews all slating Senior Year.

‘It’ll barely raise your pulse, let alone elicit any chuckles’

I wasn’t joking when I said the Rotten Tomatoes reviews were savage. The film critics really didn’t hold back on Rotten Tomatoes, one person wrote: “This will barely raise your pulse, let alone elicit any chuckles.” Another film critic from Newsday says: “It’s hard to imagine a more unpleasant movie than Senior Year.”

Another critic on Rotten Tomatoes says: “It’s almost astonishing how badly the movie screws up what should have been a sure-fire success.”

‘Senior year might get a passing grade for sheer energy but for everything else, it’s a fail’

The Guardian review says the film has an”aggressive overload” of nostalgia that’s targeted at a “thirtysomething audience”. For those who haven’t endured the pain when watching it, the review also says the movie is best summarised by the part where Rebel Wilson’s character re-enacts the video to Britney Spears’ Crazy. So, think of that what you will.

‘The lead character and relationship dynamics are surface-level’

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Mae Abdulbaki from Screen Rant says Senior Year “never lives up to its potential.” They also said the remake of Crazy was “wholly unnecessary and distracting” – I mean they’re not wrong, it added nothing to the plot. One of the major storylines in the movie is Stephanie’s obsession with returning to highschool purely to become prom queen. The Screen Rant review says her “superficial goals” mean the story remains “one-dimensional”.

‘There’s no reason to care about Rebel Wilson’s character’

Newsday published a review of Senior Year saying there’s “nothing interesting about the premise” of the movie. The review also says there’s no reason to care about Rebel Wilson’s character as “she’s selfish and conceited”, treats her friends “horribly” and “has backward values and priorities.”  The review goes on to say: “The movie repeats the same joke over and over, for just under two hours.” So savage.

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