Senior Year Netflix worst moments

A rundown of the worst and weirdest moments from Senior Year on Netflix

This entire film is cursed

Let’s be real here, the entire concept of Senior Year on Netflix is hell on earth. It was never going to be a decent movie. It focuses on Stephanie, an overly energetic high school cheerleader in her senior year. She makes an attempt to land a stunt whilst cheerleading but it goes horrendously long and she’s thrown into a coma for 20 years. When she wakes up she’s 37-years-old and has every intention to return to highschool and fulfil her dream of being prom queen.

Some of the scenes in this film are straight up cursed. For example when Rebel Wilson’s character goes on a “banana and ice cubes diet” before her prom. Or when another cheerleader gets away with attempted murder. And don’t even get me started on those rogue musical numbers that have absolutely no significance whatsoever. Here’s a rundown of all the worst moments in Senior Year on Netflix.

Stephanie goes on a ‘banana and ice cubes diet’ before prom

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Before leaving for school one morning, Stephanie tells her dad she cannot eat the breakfast he slaved over because she’s on a “bananas and ice cubes diet” until prom. Her goals for losing weight are completely toxic. She’s wildly fixated on her image more than her health. I get that the movie is just making fun of ridiculous diets but packing your school bag with ice cubes is tooooo far.

Stephanie gives Seth a *stale* sock to soak up his blood

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Yes, you read that right. Stephanie gives Seth a sock that’s already been on her boyfriend’s penis. What. An. Awful. Friend. Seth wouldn’t even need the sock if she didn’t break so hard he hit his head on the dashboard.

The jokes in the film are pure hell

When Stephanie said she will be losing her “bottom half virginity” with her boyfriend Blaine at the party, I cried. And then when she went on to say Blaine will be going “in and out” I wept.

‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’

Young Tiffancy, via Netflix

When young Stephanie and Tiffany are in the bathroom arguing about who’s hosting the after party for prom. Tiffany leaves Stephanie with some very harsh words advising her “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”. Then right before she walks out she swings her hips which the music syncs with! It’s so awkward to watch – this scene had big Riverdale vibes.

They perform their cheer routine to Kelly Clarkson singing A Moment Like This

They chose the least cheerleader-y song to ever exist.

The big accident

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Tiffany literally puts Stephanie into a life-threatening position because she is jealous of her. The extremes Tiffany goes to is WILD. And how did no one get in trouble for literal attempted murder may I ask??

Minutes after being out of a coma Stephanie asks if she can still say ‘super gay’

Stephanie’s biggest fixation is prom, which means there is actually very little she cares about other than being the prom queen. After she wakes up from her coma, Martha makes an attempt to teach her modern lessons like what a smartphone is and things they can no longer say. Stephanie then asks if she can still use the phrase “super gay” to describe someone as stupid or lame. I hated every single minute of this scene.

Everyone refers to Bri by her social media handle

Every single time anyone in that school referred to Tiffany’s daughter Bri, it was by her social media handle “BriLuvs”. So cringe.

Bri’s boyfriend doesn’t wear underwear and sits on the cafeteria tables

Not this, via Netflix

“Baby, you’re manspreading again” – I feel sick.

So many cringe music bits which do nothing for the plot

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I was so confused when Stephanie and her cheerleader mates randomly performed their own music video to Britney Spears’ Crazy. What was even meant to be happening?? It felt like a fever dream.

Stephanie rubs her hands on Blaine’s face and says he should leave his wife

This flirting was uncontrollable and gave me the ick. Everything was made worse by the fact he attempted to bite her hand.

The entire movie theatre scene was cursed

via Netflix

My skin was crawling throughout this whole scene.

Tiffany’s hatred for Stephanie 20 years down the line is mad

They are both fully grown adults – what is the reason for this on going hatred??

Stephenie’s dad gives his 37-year-old daughter’s prom date the sex talk

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This was insanely awkward to watch. Stephanie’s dad asks Seth whether he bought condoms with him to prom and when Seth says no, Stephanie’s dad leans in for the worst chat ever.

Stephanie throws a party for underage kids

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This is just another attempt to recreate the prom she never had but it was really odd seeing how many times Stephanie would forget she is a 37-year-old woman surrounded by a bunch of 17-year-olds. The fact she threw a party for underage kids in their headteacher’s house was alarming to say the least.

The post-credit scene shows Stephanie offering sexual favours to get into college

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After the credits roll we get an extra bloopers-style bonus scene that no one asked for. We watch Stephanie offer sexual favours to get into college.

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