G Flip says they first met Chrishell last year – when she was still with Jason

‘We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever’

G Flip has said they and Chrishell first met at Halloween last year – when Chrishell was still with her ex, Jason.

Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim, who is also her boss, confirmed their split in December 2021.

For the past few months, gay TikTok has been full of rumours that Chrishell and G Flip, a 27-year-old Australian musician, were dating.

Then at the Selling Sunset reunion at the start of May, Chrishell confirmed rumours were true and said: “[Dating G Flip] started because I was just going to be in their video, it’s about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting, and with the job that we have I don’t always get to do it. At first of course I was like ‘yes let’s do that’.”

Speaking on the People Every Day podcast, G Flip said they moved to LA in September last year and clarified that they and Chrishell knew each other before filming the Get Me Outta Here music video, which was released last week.

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They met Chrishell at Halloween 2021, “but we were both with our ex-partners then”, G Flip said. “And then we obviously separated from our partners and then we just started talking and stuff.

“We just found a lot of similarities – even though people would think we’re from, like, different corners of the world, we find ourselves so similar sometimes.”

“We both feel like we’ll be in each other’s life forever, we have a very strong connection that you don’t find every day.”

Following recent reports that G Flip and Chrishell had moved in together, they said this has not actually happened, telling the podcast: “We have not moved in together. We do not live together.” However, G Flip did clarify that they and Chrishell are “official”!

G Flip said: “I definitely see children in my future. Me and Chrishell know where we are, in the stages of our lives and we’re very transparent about that.” G Flip used to be a music teacher, saying: “I’ve always loved kids. Definitely one day, that will be in the future.”

Speaking about Chrishell, G Flip said: “I’m absolutely in awe of this woman”. G Flip had never watched Selling Sunset before, and said: “I feel like the audience isn’t so much a queer space, and for her to come out and just be herself and tell her story and say that we’re seeing each other, to me I feel like it honestly changes the world.

“It normalises same-sex relationships, there’s conversations being had about two people who have the same sex organs can still have children. And then also just like I’m non-binary, that’s how I identify, and it’s sparked conversations about that. I’m so proud of her for just telling the truth.

“Growing up queer, I’ve had hidden relationships before, because I didn’t feel like it was safe or it wasn’t the right time. I’m loud and proud queer, and I don’t ever want to have to hide my relationships. It’s beautiful and I’m just so proud and in awe of Chrishell for how she’s taking everything. She’s just awesome.”

G Flip said they “love Emma”, Chrishell’s Selling Sunset co-star, and have even met Emma’s mum, along with other people from the show’s crew.

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