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Christine Quinn claims Selling Sunset producers created the bribery storyline

She said they knew she was leaving The Oppenheim Group for over a year

Christine Quinn has claimed the bribery storyline at the end of Selling Sunset season five was created by the producers of the show after they discovered Christine was leaving The Oppenheim Group to launch her own brokerage.

Speaking to USA Today, Christine said she was shocked to hear about the storyline but understood it was to create entertainment.

She said: “It wasn’t a convenient storyline that Christine went off and started her own brokerage. That’s not good TV.”

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At the end of season five fellow Oppenheim Group realtor Emma Hernan claimed Christine had offered a client of Emma’s $5,000 to stop working with her and work with Christine instead.

Following this, Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald organised a meeting to discuss the claim with Christine. Christine didn’t show up to the meeting in the series and now claims the whole scene wasn’t real.

She said: “When I heard about it, I was just completely shocked. I understand they have to make creative television, but no. There was no scene where I was supposed to show up at the office, and the clock is spinning and waiting. Like, nope. You guys didn’t call me into the office that day. That’s cute, though.”

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Last month Christine launched her own real estate company called RealOpen with her husband Christian Dumontet. The brokerage allows buyers to purchase their homes using crypto currency, the first of its kind to do so.

Christine said the producers were aware she was planning to open her own brokerage for a year and a half before it opened, which is why they wanted a more exciting exit storyline.

Though she has left The Oppenheim Group Christine has not said if she will be leaving Selling Sunset. But let’s be honest, what is the show without her?

The Tab has contacted Netflix for comment. 

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