We all wasted two hours of our lives watching Senior Year and these 21 memes prove it

The entire thing felt like a fever dream

Senior Year on Netlfix was, in short: abysmal. Watching this movie truly wasted two hours of our precious lives and we will never get them back. Seriously, the plot was all over the place. How did such a huge plot hole slip thorugh the net? Why was no one caught for attempted murder at the very least and who gave a green light to that recreation of Britney Spears’ Crazy? I just want to talk!!

Here are 21 memes and reactions to Senior Year on Netflix:

1. This is really saying something

2. Honestly what the hell?

3. I am not convinced we watched the same movie

4. How are people crying over this??

5. ‘I’m MTV and you’re VH1’

6. Go off Rebel I guess!

7. Seth was the best character in this movie

8. ‘Madonna’s now called Lady Gaga?’ VOMIT

9. ‘The writers have never interacted with a real person before’

10. I loved hate watching it

11. Why are so many of you crying??

12. Is it really?

13. Looool

14. ‘A kicking dance sequence’

15. I hate it so much

16. Such an odd dance for a 37-year-old to do with a 17-year-old

17. Super realistic!!

18. What did this add to the plot may I ask?

19. I think we all watched different movies


20. This plot hole was ridiculous

21. Seems realistic x

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