Senior Year plot hole Netflix

This major plot hole in Senior Year on Netflix proves how dumb the movie is

I’ve lost sleep over this

Since its release, Senior Year has remained in the top spot for films on Netflix. It’s got a lot of people hooked and it’s being praised for giving its audience such a strong feeling of nostalgia. But if you actually think about the plot, it’s reaaaaally dumb and there’s a huge plot hole in Senior Year which fans have picked up on.

So we see a younger version of Rebel Wilson’s character Stephanie fall into a coma just before prom night after a cheerleading accident. But no one seems to question the fact the stunt is sabotaged by another jealous cheerleader leaving Stephanie in a 20-year coma. It’s literal attempted murder but no one bats a single eyelid. Vewiers on Twitter have been going wild over it, one person said: “The worst part about Senior Year on Netflix is that no one got in trouble for attempted murder.”

Seriously though, how is Tiffany not in jail? Where was the police enquiry? How did these students still get prom? It’s so weird and honestly ruins the entire movie. I get it’s about someone who wakes up from a 20-year coma so wasn’t made to be realistic but come on, no follow up on attempted murder was a choatic choice.

Another person on Twitter who spotted the plot hole in Senior Year said: “Senior Year was really good until about half way through. They rushed to prom, Bri had a whole character arc we didn’t really get to see and they just brushed past the attempted murder.”

Someone else said: “Senior Year on Netflix was just incredibly unfunny and boring. Tried too hard and skipped over a blatant attempted murder like it was just a big old LOL” – and then they proceeded to give it a savage rating.

In all seirousness, no body asked for this film but the least they could do was see someone get sent down for attempted murder. Fans have lost sleep over how dumb this plot hole is in Senior Year.

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