Every Drag Race All Stars 7 Snatch Game impersonation, ranked from worst to best

No prizes for guessing what number one is x

Remember when Bob the Drag Queen did two completely different characters in the middle of the season eight Snatch Game? RuPaul’s Drag Race sure does, because for All Stars 7 the queens had to essentially do two full Snatch Games. In ONE episode. A double headed dog BEAST of a challenge, really pushing this cast of all winners to bring their acting A-game. Here’s every Snatch Game performance from All Stars 7, ranked from worst to best.

16. Yvie Oddly as Rico Nasty

An odd choice for a Snatch Game impersonation that just never really went anywhere besides a tongue out. Anyway, stream iPhone by Rico Nasty for clear skin!

15. Jaida Essence Hall as The Lady Chablis

For UK readers and viewers unfamiliar with The Lady Chablis, she was an actress and author and trans club performer who was one of the first trans performers introduced to a wider audience in the late 90s. Whilst Jaida looked a ringer for The Lady Chablis, she was outshone and outranked by the other All Stars 7 who got bigger laughs on Snatch Game.

14. Monét X Change as Martin Lawrence

Similarly to Jaida, Monét’s performance as Martin Lawrence was not bad but just lacked memorable moments.

13. Shea Couleé as Miss J

Shea’s Miss J Alexander definitely got some laughs – but she was up against some Snatch Game TITANS, and didn’t quite make the top 10.

12. Yvie Oddly as The Boogieman

Okay, look. I think… this is cheating. This is not an impersonation of a celebrity or a character from a TV show, it’s making up a character! Is that the challenge? I don’t think. Yvie’s Boogieman was charming, sexy as hell and the pun and idea was funny – but it’s not who can make the funniest character, it’s who can do the best impersonation!

11. Trinity the Tuck as Satan

I REST MY CASE! Boogieman and Satan were cheating. Quote me! Love Trinity and love Yvie, but this isn’t the challenge!

10. The Vivienne as Joanna Lumley

The Vivienne is a Snatch Game BEAST. She has a million characters in her wheelhouse, but if I’m being completely honest I wish she chose someone else over Joanna Lumley as Patsy from Ab Fab. She’s literally one of the most impersonated characters ever, and I feel like it’s hard to make it feel fresh. It was just a decent Patsy!

9. Shea Couleé as Elsa Majimbo

Shea’s Elsa Majimbo was a lot funnier than her Miss J, and although it was quite a rogue choice to do for Snatch Game I think Shea understood the character really well and hit a lot of the jokes back – even if she got out laughed most of the time. A solid safe.

8. The Vivienne as Catherine Tate (as Nan)

Via World of Wonder

I wish that the judges and panel knew Catherine Tate well enough to joke and banter with The Vivienne’s spot on Nan impersonation because she was nailing it – but perhaps wasn’t the optimum crowd for this to be ranked higher amongst the other All Stars 7 queens. Would have thrived on Drag Race UK.

7. Jinkx Monsoon as Natasha Lyonne

I mean, she killed it. Jinkx KILLED it. The fact there’s other impersonations ranked higher just goes to show how iconic the All Stars 7 Snatch Game actually was. The raspy voice was just spot on.

6. Raja as Diana Vreeland

Via World of Wonder

Raja really transformed herself for both of her Snatch Game characters and she deserved top two recognition for it. Her Diana Vreeland was funny, detailed and sharp. I love that despite being known as such a chic fashion queen she’s never afraid to go there and deliver with her acting – and plays ugly when she needs to. EYE-CON!

5. Raja as Madame

All Stars 7 Snatch Game ranked

I have no clue who Madame is and honestly, don’t care. You just KNOW, whether you’re familiar with the source material or not, that Raja killed it as Madame. It was hilarious, it was a transformation and she absolutely nailed it.

4. Jaida Essence Hall as Prince

Like the judges said, it didn’t even matter that Jaida’s Prince was a bit stupid and not very good – she was having so much fun with it, doing that absurd lip quiver bit, that everyone was laughing so hard anyway. It was just a joy to watch. It was giving Alyssa Edwards’ ridiculous Joan Crawford. Could have watched it forever (and it was SEXY!?)

3. Trinity the Tuck as Leslie Jordan

All Stars 7 Snatch Game ranked

Via World of Wonder

This is just the perfect Snatch Game character choice for Trinity to do – it really plays up to her Southern charm. She got Leslie spot on, had great jokes and knew exactly how to play off everyone. It was outstanding.

2. Monét X Change as Mike Tyson

For me, Monét absolutely killed it. She looked… JUST like Mike Tyson. The lisp was perfect. Every time she said “fuck ’em all in the assth” I laughed out loud. It was iconic, legendary and hilarious.

1. Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland

All Stars 7 Snatch Game ranked

Via World of Wonder

Words can’t actually express how much of a masterclass Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland is. It is for the Snatch Game herstory books, and there is truly NO ONE else who could take the top ranked spot amongst the All Stars 7 girls. Jinkx Monsoon had a lot of pressure riding on her to match the excellence of her Little Edie from season five, and she met it and smashed it with ease.

The entire clearing of Dave the veteran from season five section was so inspired and well thought out that it should be studied in drag classes for all eternity. The “it’s just a cardboard set darling” made me die. The other queens all breaking character and cracking up because it was THAT good? A lot of people should be scared here. And I’ll name them

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