Most streamed Eurovision songs

The 10 biggest Eurovision songs of all time, according to their streams on Spotify

12 points all round!

And thus we hit hump day on the depressing week that follows the greatest weekend of the year: The Eurovision Song Contest. 2022’s offering was as iconic as it gets, Gay Christmas in all its glory and a huge win for the Ukraine and the United Kingdom, with us getting our highest placement since 1998! Eurovision songs enter pop culture with a bang – and these are the most streamed Eurovision songs ever according to Spotify.

10. Toy by Netta

Israel’s winning entry in 2018 saw Netta cluck like a chicken and declare once and for all that she’s nobody’s toy! You stupid boy! It’s got all the hallmarks of what makes a Eurovision success – bizarre, uptempo and huge vocals. Extremely unique, and Toy has clocked up a total of 87,500,000 streams on Spotify.

9. Fuego by Eleni Foureira


Should Cyrpus have beaten Israel in 2018? Well, if Spotify streams are anything to go by, YES. Eleni Foureira gave a Beyoncé worthy performance on the Lisbon Eurovision stage and the song is blasted out of every gay club in the world to this day. Fuego has racked up 92,200,000 streams on Spotify.

8. If I Were Sorry by Frans

Sweden’s 2016 entry, Frans’ If I Were Sorry is the eighth most streamed of all Eurovision songs, approaching 100 million streams and sitting at 99,500,000 at the time of writing. For some reason!

7. Think About Things by Daði Freyr

Iceland’s entry from 2020 that unfortunately never got to win the competition like everyone expected due to the Covid pandemic went viral on TikTok for a reason – it absolutely slaps. Who doesn’t love Think About Things? A critically acclaimed masterpiece that’s clocked up 112,780,000 streams and solidified itself amongst the most streamed Eurovision songs of all time.

6. Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw

Sweden domination continues with Måns’ Heroes, a song so well known I think casual listeners don’t even know it’s a Eurovision banger. It won Eurovision for Sweden in 2015, and has totalled just over 139,000,000 streams on Spotify.

5. Waterloo by ABBA

ABBA! What a banger. The most classic of all the Eurovision songs, the fact that this was released about 40 years before streaming even properly began but still sits pretty in the top FIVE most streamed Eurovision songs ever is historical. It’s got 178,000,000 streams on Spotify – and about a million album sales on top of that, of course.

4. Euphoria by Loreen

Euphooooooria! By name and by nature, Loreen’s winning entry for Sweden in 2012 is a dance classic so huge I honestly don’t think a lot of people even know it’s a Eurovision song. It’s amazing. Dancepop perfection, and deserves its spot on this list! It’s got a total of 187,600,000 streams on Spotify.

3. Soldi by Mahmood

The sheer coolness, chicness and sexiness Mahmood brings to Eurovision is unprecedented. Potentially the sexiest man alive, and Soldi is honestly probably the coolest song to ever compete. It deserved to get Italy the win in 2019, and I will die on that hill. This BANGER of a song takes third place with a total of 201,000,000 streams on Spotify.

2. Zitti E Buoni by Måneskin

The sexiest band to ever walk the earth have rocketed up the top 10 most streamed Eurovision songs of all time, thanks to their winning entry Zitti E Buoni. It was a cultural reset, and the world has been hooked on Damiano David ever since. It currently has 306,000,000 streams.

1. Arcade by Duncan Lawrence

Look, Soldi deserved the win in 2019 – but there’s no denying that Duncan Lawrence’s VERY viral ballad Arcade is an immaculately crafted song. It’s effortlessly sang and powerful – and it takes the top spot here amongst the most streamed Eurovision songs with ease. In fact, it has over double the streams of Zitti E Buoni, which is wild. The Netherlands’ 2019 entry takes the top spot with a MASSIVE 715,000,000 streams on Spotify for the main version of the song. When you add the FLETCHER duet version, it takes it to 815,600,000. Huge.

One question, though: WHERE THE HELL IS DÜM TEK TEK?

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