Eurovision 2022 lyrics quiz

Only Graham Norton himself could get full marks on this Eurovision 2022 lyrics quiz

Yes, the Serbian banger does actually name-drop Meghan Markle

Eurovision 2022 is over, and lives have to return to bleak normality after a week of pure, unadulterated pop bliss. It’s the highlight of the year. It’s gay Christmas. I saw a tweet that said the Monday after Eurovision is the worst day of the year and I don’t think I’ve ever liked, retweeted and resonated with something so hard in all my years on this Earth. But fear not, guys, because if you’re missing Eurovision as much as I have been then this lyrics quiz that will test your knowledge of the entries to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest is certainly the answer to your campy Europop prayers. Honestly, only Graham Norton could get full marks on this Eurovision 2022 lyrics quiz – even Rylan Clark could probably only get 80 per cent correct.

Do you know your wolves and bananas from your salads and veggies? Do you know your Amanda Tenfjords from your Cornelia Jakobs? Do you know when Chanel demands “booty hypnotic make you want more” in the best song to come out of Spain since ROSALÍA dropped Con Altura: SloMo? Do you know Ukraine’s Stefania as well as you know Shum from 2021? But most importantly: Do you know every word to Space Man by our Lord and Saviour Sam Ryder? Try and get full marks on this Eurovision 2022 lyrics quiz and put your super fan knowledge to the test!

Listen to all the Eurovision 2022 songs on this Spotify playlist here.

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