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Selling Sunset’s Chelsea says Davina threw ‘microaggressions’ at her off camera

Chelsea says the things said to her off camera affected her ‘mental state’

During season five of Selling Sunset there was a big showdown between Davina and Chelsea, mostly over being mates with Christine Quinn. In the reunion episode they addressed the situation and claimed all the beef was over. Chelsea made it pretty clear though that they’re strictly colleagues and not friends. Since the reunion episode, Chelsea has admitted there were some off-camera microaggressions thrown at her from Davina.

During the season, Chelsea made a strong attempt to mend all the bonds between the girls during her tea party event. But by doing that she crossed wires with Davina – big time. Chelsea has recently admitted there was some behind the scenes drama that viewers didn’t know about. Here’s what Chelsea has said about Davina throwing microaggressions at her during Selling Sunset season five.

Chelsea says the things said affected her mental state

Whilst talking to Janine Rubenstein on this week’s episode of the PEOPLE Every Day podcast, Chelsea revealed: “There were things said off camera and before we shot that really affected my mental state.”

She continues to say: “There were some microaggressions thrown out, and watching the show back, I realised that I was very much harboring that state of frustration.” Chelsea says in the season viewers see her “escalate to a place of, maybe once could say, anger as a result.”

Chelsea said: “I have the utmost respect for Davina and all of my cast-mates, truly, but I also believe that we can have different values and different core systems that may not align. We don’t have to be super close friends to be cordial with one another.”

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