Um, so it turns out Heather had actually eaten an Oreo before the Selling Sunset reunion

I am shocked

Without Christine Quinn to bring the shade, the highlight of the Selling Sunset reunion had to be Heather Rae Young eating an Oreo for the first time at 34 years old. And yet, a new unearthed video proves Heather had actually eaten an Oreo way before the reunion.

In season five during a discussion with the other ladies in the Oppenheim Group office Heather revealed a shocking fact…she had never eaten an Oreo. During the reunion episode, released last week, host Tan France decided enough was enough and presented Heather with a plate of Oreos. She tried one, had a bite, said it was “so good” and gave the rest to Jason to eat.

Heather went onto explain she’s very careful about what she eats but she loves desserts. Tan joked Heather’s parents had deprived her of Oreos as a child and Heather said they didn’t.

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Except it turns out Heather has actually eaten Oreos before. A user on Reddit found a video on Heather’s Instagram account which shows her digging into a cake topped with Oreos.

They shared the video on Reddit two weeks ago before the reunion and captioned it: “Never had an oreo … right, Heather🤣 Who even lies about that?? Video from instagram in 2019.”

In the caption for the video Heather said she was in a food coma after eating the cake and asked her followers what their favourite type of cake is.

She said: “Watch until the end!!! 🤣🤣🤣I Ate myself into a food coma. Excuse me while I roll myself into bed and pass out after this amazing birthday weekend. .What your absolute favourite cake? I have a weakness for sweets…. I don’t cheat often but when I do it’s on!!!!”

A number of people commented on the Reddit post saying she was a “liar” and another commented saying maybe Heather ate the cake but not the Oreos on top, however the original poster of the video said the cake was an Oreo cake.

So there you have it, Heather had actually eaten Oreos before the Selling Sunset reunion. I think I need a lie down to recover from this information.

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