These 25 memes about the Selling Sunset reunion will make Maya’s face drop all over again

I wasn’t expecting that much emotion in one episode!

For the first time ever, Netflix has given us an extra episode of Selling Sunset, where the cast sit down and discuss all of their dramas and the season’s storylines. The reunion episode following season five of Selling Sunset has come with huge revelations, even more drama and of course, has had us all reacting with loads of memes about the most shocking moments.

I don’t think any of us were expecting Jason, Chrishell, Mary and even Brett to end up crying, Chrishell to announce a new relationship and leave Maya looking like a Sims character who hasn’t been told what to do next, and then naturally, there was loads of conversation of Christine, without her even being there.

It was a lot to take in. So, here are the best memes and reactions to the Selling Sunset reunion episode.

1. I can’t take all of this emotion!!

2. Chrishell, I love this from you

3. What’s the point without him!!!

4. She was out for BLOOD

The best memes about the Selling Sunset season five reunion show on Netflix

5. Maya, are you ok????

6. I hope he had a fun day x


8. Pretty much

9. This is ART

10. Yikes!!!!

11. Guys, we’ve lost Maya

12. I mean, true

13. Savage

14. This is what we care for!!!

15. Yes, yes they are!!!

16. And that’s the tweet

15. Agree!

16. Awkwaaaard

17. This really is the truth

18. Enough!!!


20. I’ve never seen a reaction like it?


22. So….

23. Loooool spot on

24. Hahahahaha

25. Ok Davina, go off!!!

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