Hold on to your mammy and read these 23 Derry Girls memes from last night’s episode

Joe asking the doctor about Orla’s tonsils was art

Last night’s episode of Derry Girls took us all the way back to 1977 with the Irish mammies – when Jenny Joyce’s mum was cool and Granda Joe had actual hair. The episode was both heartwarming and iconic and if I’m honest, the thought of Derry Girls ending next week breaks me inside. So grab your mammies, give them a hug and enjoy these 23 memes about last night’s episode.

1. I want death

2. End of

3. I don’t blame you

4. Can everyone STOP talking about it??

5. Aunt Sarah is all of us

6. I need another ten seasons

7. So iconic

8. In very deep denial

9. I am obsessed with this

10. I laugh so hard my brain hurts

11. I have nothing to smile about in my life as of next week

12. The perfect song

13. I will die on the Derry Girls hill

14. A lovely shade of blue

15. DJ turn it up!!

16. I’m obsessed how they’re all like their daughters

17. I want this more than anything in the world


19. I would die for her

20. I want this bond with someone

21. A queen!

22. So many laughs at this conversation

23. Same

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