Precisely 26 tweets about the stunning Yasmin Finney from Heartstopper

She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment

If there was a competition for ‘cool girl’ vibes personified then Yasmin Finney would take home every single prize. One of the breakout stars of Heartstopper, Yasmin is only 18, and the show is her first on-screen role. Boasting more talent in her pinky than I possess in my whole body, she really is an icon. She’s also unbelievably stunning, and fans of the show over on Twitter seem to wholeheartedly agree.

But, I know you clicked on the article to fangirl over Yasmin so I’ll put you out of your misery and present to you 26 tweets about the stunning Yasmin Finney.

1. And a great tweet at that

2. It’s her world and we’re just living in it

3. We need hourly doses


5. She really is the moment

6. Yeah me neither…

7. It’s the truth

8. Same tbh

9. Give her all the money

10. They’re going to have to fight a lot of people

11. Brightens my day

12. She’d be the richest person alive

13. Imagine though

14. I feel calmer just reading this

15. It’s just rude at this point

16. Same

17. Give me lifetime membership for that card

18. Mines already pending payment

19. Ariana was right

20. Couldn’t agree more

21. I’d be honoured to be rejected

22. She really is

23. Fully support this line of thinking

24. Like breakfast, lunch, and dinner

25. Someone get her on a runway

26. Sweet dreams guaranteed if you read before bed

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