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26 tweets about the icon that is Kit Connor in Heartstopper

He has big golden retriever energy

Occasionally a new actor comes along who perfectly encapsulates ‘golden retriever energy’. They’re wholesome, seem eager to please, and just have a friendly and welcoming vibe to them. Previous holders of this title include Chris Evans, but the newest member is Kit Connor who plays Nick Nelson in Heartstopper.

Kit Connor is only 18, but has already been in a host of high-profile roles, including Rocketman and His Dark Materials. His performance in Heartstopper has stolen the hearts of everyone who watched it and they couldnโ€™t have cast a more perfect Nick. Donโ€™t just take my word for it though, here are 26 tweets about how amazing Kit Connor is.

1. Kit coming through with the downward smile representation

2. I mean who isn’t?

3. Oui

4. Brb going to get the same sunglasses

5. His hair I am screaming!!

6. Will never look at ginger cats the same way

7. Green is truly his colour

8. So wholesome

9. On the daily

10. Genuinely the cutest

11. They said what we’re all thinking

12. A golden retriever through and through

13. We all have a bit of a crush on him let’s be real

14. We will tolerate no Kit Connor slander in this household

15. Thumbs up for the thumbs up

16. Can confirm

17. Bring out the beret

18. He can receive all the awards

19. We’re all so appreciative

20. Puberty hit like a truck

21. It really is

22. Wish my forehead lines could look that soft

23. The best interaction ever

24. I’m older than them, so this hits even harder

25. We have the upper hand of already being in the UK

26. It’s like a warm wholesome hug

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