Joe Locke Heartstopper

Just 24 tweets all saying how perfect Joe Locke is in Heartstopper

He is the best Charlie Spring

If you haven’t seen Heartstopper yet, what are you even doing? Based on the graphic novels by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper is the show every queer person wishes they had growing up. It’s funny, heartwarming and so relatable to everyone who’s ever had a “full on gay crisis”. Plus, the cast is absolutely amazing.

There’s one cast member in particular, though, who has captured the hearts of fans Joe Locke, who plays the main character Charlie Spring. I’m sure everyone who’s a fan of the graphic novels can agree that Joe is the perfect Charlie – the on-screen chemistry with Kit Connor, who plays Nick Nelson, is off the scale and every time he said “sorry” I just wanted to give him the biggest hug ever. Even more impressively, Joe is only 18 and it’s his first acting role – just let that sink in.

So, just to make it clear – this is a Joe Locke in Heartstopper appreciation post, including all the best tweets about our new favourite actor.

1. To the subtweet, same

2. He just looks so friendly!

3. Say it louder for the people in the back!

4. From all of us obsessed with watching his interviews, yes

5. Appreciate Joe!

6. I relate to this even harder because I was born in 2000

7. There’s still time

8. The emotion…wowing

9. Silly question

10. No one could play Charlie like him

11. Icon behaviour only

12. The comparisons!

13. Protect Charlie Spring at all costs

14. He relates to Charlie irl

15. A cultural reset!

16. All of the awards better go to him

17. He’s unbelievably talented

18. He stands up for Charlie

19. 10,000 other people and we got our perfect Charlie!

20. Daily affirmations

21. All the thanks to Joe

22. He’s going to absolutely excel in season 2

23. There is so much to look forward to

24. Season 2 now please!

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