Heartstopper Tao Xu

Here are 23 tweets obsessing over Heartstopper’s stylish king William Gao

As Tao would say, ‘slay queen’

By now you’ve surely heard of the incredible Netflix show, Heartstopper, and I assume if you haven’t it’s because you literally live under a rock.

The entire cast looks like they stepped fresh off the runway, so it’s no surprise that 19-year-old William Gao who plays Tao Xu in Heartstopper isn’t an exception. Alongside acting William also is an actual model and has a band, Wasia Project, with his sister. Whilst his hairstyle in the show may have divided the fanbase, they can all agree on one thing. That they’re all a bit obsessed with him. And we are too, so without further ado, here are 23 tweets obsessing over the insanely talented and stylish William Gao.

1. Don’t worry, there’s a whole lot of appreciation to come

2. We’re all Kit

3. Someone please explain how that would even be scientifically possible?

4. I mean who isn’t obsessing?

5. God really does have favourites

6. Ex-friend now I hope

7. *Chef’s kiss*

8. If only we could time travel and tweet this first

9. If that isn’t an emergency I don’t know what is

10. The heartstopper cast really out here making us all ignore our sexualities

11. I hope it’s endless

12. This tweet is unhinged in the best way

13. How he manages to still look good in random screenshots is beyond me

14. OK but yes

15. Don’t worry, we’re talking about it

16. The power he holds

17. There’s no one better to simp for

18. I can see it and I vote yes

19. Need him as a teenage Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians sequel ASAP

20. Now that audio is going to be stuck in my head all-day

21. Such a wholesome friendship

22. Is there anything this guy cannot do?

23. I think this applies to everyone who watched Heartstopper

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