The 10 worst RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes of all time, according to IMDb

Unsurprisingly, there’s not a single episode from before season 10 on the list

Almost every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race has something amazing to offer, whether that be sickening runways, amazing maxi challenges or a lip sync for your life that goes down in franchise herstory. Key emphasis on the word “almost”. After 14 seasons, there are some episodes that even the most die hard of Drag Race fans have written off as a franchise low. Whether it’s a poor challenge, poor judging or just plain crap telly – here are officially the 10 worst episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race, according to their rating from fans on IMDb.

10. The Pork Chop (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 6.3

The first episode of season 13 is the first of many entries for the season on this ranking – not something to be proud of. It was a poor start – instead of a normal premiere, the series began by pairing the queens up and then making them do lip sync battles to split the queens into two camps – the winners and the Pork Chop loading dock girls. No one went home, and it was another way for season 13 to begin its long, arduous road of padding out.

9. Henny, I Shrunk The Drag Queens (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 6.1

Coming in as the ninth worst episode is this acting challenge ep again from season 13. Whilst this episode’s challenge does have a fun concept – the queens are all shrunk in the Werk Room – the poor script plagues it and at this point everyone just wanted the season over and done with. It felt like we’d been watching for 20 years.

8. Snatch Game (Season 14)
IMDb Rating: 6.0

The latest entry into the top 10, and the only poorly rated episode of season 14 so far, is the diabolical Snatch Game. It’s no shock that this one made its way into the worst episodes of Drag Race list because it truly was a franchise low for the annual challenge. DeJa Skye won, but at what cost? Every other queen lip synced for their life the week after it was that bad. Not a chuckle in sight!

7. Social Media: The Unverified Rusical (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 5.9

A bad Rusical is a death sentence for an episode, and this was an absolute car crash. But there’s no way this deserves to be on the list over PharmaRusical or Trump: The Rusical. IMDb raters need to have a word with themselves! Another crap one for season 13, though.

6. World’s Worst (Season 12)
IMDb Rating: 5.8

Drag Race worst episodes

A low point of the otherwise incredible season 12, World’s Worst had the queens auditioning for a scripted main challenge in the formula of American Idol / America’s Got Talent. It’s absolutely terrible – not a laugh in sight. The kind of acting challenge that makes the fandom hate the formula.

5. Disco-mentary (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 5.7

Whilst people didn’t really mind the concept of this challenge, the fury on IMDb comes from season 13’s judging which consistently annoyed the fanbase due to it coming across as overly produced and extremely, in the words of Alyssa, riggamorris. Nothing felt organic about it.

4. Evil Twins (Season 10)
IMDb Rating: 5.7

This episode went down like a lead balloon at the time, and hasn’t aged well since either. The concept felt like trauma porn – RuPaul getting the queens to talk about their mental health and negative sides of their lives for the sake of TV. Couple that with Miz Cracker, a firm fan fave, going home and you can see exactly why this was the rated as the worst of all the episodes of Drag Race for a long time.

3. Grand Finale (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 5.5

Drag Race worst episodes

This one feels a bit very very ‘arsh in my opinion – the looks served and RuPaul did the iconic dance! But to be fair, the world was shattered with yet another season 13 entry to this list. Never ending!

2. Bring Back My Queens (Season 11)
IMDb Rating: 4.7

Drag Race worst episodes

There’s one glaringly obvious reason why this is absolutely one of the worst and most hated episodes in Drag Race herstory – the judges sent Nina West home. There was international UPROAR.

1. RPDR Reunited (Season 13)
IMDb Rating: 4.1

Drag Race worst episodes

After taking up a whopping six spots in the 10 worst rated episodes in Drag Race herstory, season 13 takes the final worst episode of all time for its dreadful take on a reunion episode. This was an endurance task – an 80 minute waste of time filled with queens promoting their music videos and endless filler. No chats, no queens hashing it out, just nonsense. A real low.

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