Harriett from Love Island 2024 premiership footballer brother explained

So, Love Island’s Harriett’s brother isn’t a Premiership footballer – that was a complete lie

Before the show started a video circulated of her claiming her brother played in the Premier League

Harriett Blackmore from Love Island 2024 made some pretty bold statements about her brother before the show aired – claiming that he is currently a Premiership footballer. Before the show started, a video circulated of Harriett with her brother, and it was claimed she was defending him during an “attack” with a group of women.

Harriett was filmed telling another girl “he’s a Premier League football player, please leave him alone”, and the original poster of the video claimed “she hurled abuse” as “her brother and his mates attacked us on a night out.”

However, Harriett told a different story, and has explained the people involved in the video alongside her and her brother were “antagonising” them.  She said: “The video was so many years ago if it’s the one I’m thinking of… there’s not anything to say about that story.

“If you have seen it, you can see all I’m trying to do is defuse the situation, it was actually one of my really good friends and my brother, and these fans… people were antagonising him, we were just trying to enjoy our night and I didn’t think it was fair people were putting cameras in his face. I was just trying to mediate the situation and get them away from him.”

Anyway, Harriett’s brother is called Henry Blackmore, and Premiership footballer is twisting the truth a little bit there. When you think of the Prem you think of top-tier English football – your Arsenal, Man City, Liverpools of the world.

Well, Henry plays for Peacehaven and Telscombe Football Club, and has previously played for Whitehawk FC. The club is currently part of the Southern Combination Premier Division – not the actual Premier League.


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