The Love Island 2024 cast members with claims to fame

From celeb pals to TV parents: All the rogue claims to fame the Love Island 2024 cast have

Ummm, new boy Omar is mates with Stormzy?

From being in Blazin’ Squad to having famous parents, there are always Islanders who won’t stop going on about their random links to the rich and famous. You should probably prepare yourself, because the cast of Love Island 2024 have some pretty random claims to fame, that the villa is definitely going to be hearing about.

Some have friends who are celebrities, whilst others are mates with influencers and nepo babies. Other Islanders have had run-ins with famous faces through work, and some have parents who have appeared on TV long before they did.

Here is a rundown of all the claims to fame the cast of Love Island 2024 have.

Jess’ mum was on a dating show too!

Love Island 2024 cast with claims to fame outside the villa

via ITV

Jess should be all clued up on dating on TV, because way before her time in the villa, her mum was on a dating show! Jess described it as a “knock off Blind Date” and shared all about her mum’s reality past.

“So my mum went on – when she was younger – she went on the knockoff version of Blind Date with someone called Bruce something. I can’t remember his name,” she said. “And there’s video footage of it somewhere. My grandad tried to dig it out for us the other day. We can’t find it anywhere.

“So that’s a no go, but I’m basically doing the modern day version of what she did when she was like 18. My mum was like dead supportive, and my step dad as well. He’s like an icon. He’s like, ‘That’s amazing. Go on, live your best life’ all that stuff. So, so positive.”

Harriett is the ‘it girl’ of Brighton, has links to ArrDee and is friends with Saffron Barker

Ahead of the show, Harriett actually described herself as “a bit of an IT girl in Brighton.” Yes, those were words she said about herself. Her reasoning? She’s done personal shopping for rapper ArrDee, and one of her best friends is Saffron Barker the YouTuber.

Harriett has featured in a few of Saffron’s YouTube clips, including one where she does a question session with a bunch of friends, and another one where Saffron challenged herself to living in her car for 24-hours and went to visit Harriett along the way. Harriett looked completely different at the time, btw.

Omar is friends with Stormzy

I’m not sure this one is casual in the slightest, as Love Island 2024 bombshell Omar has the biggest of all the claims to fame… he’s mates with Stormzy?!

The pair have been pictured hanging out at loads of parties, and Omar reportedly accompanied Stormzy at his 2019 Glastonbury festival headline slot. Omar was at Stormzy’s 30th, and on his Instagram it looks as though they train and workout together.

Munveer is friends with Spencer Matthews

I was really starting to like Munveer, but now I’m questioning everything because he’s mates with Piers Morgan’s son, Spencer. “I’m mates with Spencer Morgan,” he said before the villa. “We met when I moved to Fulham in 2018.”

Patsy once did a duet with Tyson Fury

via ITV

Patsy has a once-removed link to Love Island, as she once performed a duet with boxer Tyson Fury. “I was doing a season in Magaluf and we were both in the VIP area of a club and I got chatting to him and his friends,” she said. “They were so lovely, we sang ‘Hold You’ by Gyptian and I rapped the Nicki Minaj verse, it was such a slay.”

Ronnie is best mates with Bradley Dack, and considers Olivia Attwood as like a sister

Ronnie is best mates with footballer Bradley Dack, and through this has become extremely close to his wife and ex-Islander, Olivia Attwood. Ronnie was best man at the couple’s wedding.

Ahead of Love Island 2024, Ronnie said: “Bradley Dack is my best friend and he and Olivia are a big part of my life. I call Olivia my big little sister, she always looks out for me.”

Jess bumped into Wayne Rooney once at work, lol

Before going into the villa, Jess was a manager at M&S. Through her work, she said she had a run-in with footballer Wayne Rooney, and she was quite savage in saying he’s “proper let himself go” with “old age”.

“I did think ‘maybe this is where I’ll meet my future husband’ but I feel like work uniform doesn’t really go hand in hand with meeting a footballer,” she said.  “But I had Wayne Rooney in the other day… it’s not doing well for him, the old age. I was shocked.

“He was looking at the Master Grill range, but I was thinking Wayne, love, I’ll get you to the Count On Us range instead. He’s proper let himself go, god love him.”

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