chloe and toby love island

Love Island’s Chloe and Toby are apparently ‘spending time apart’ from ‘strained’ relationship

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Love Island legends Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran are reportedly working on their “strained” relationship, just eight months on from their TV appearance.

Fans began to notice Chloe wasn’t featuring in any of Toby’s Instagram posts earlier this week (24th March), prompting concern for the reality stars. An inside source revealed to The Sun that the couple are fighting to save things between them, despite feeling reluctant to break up.

A source said: “Chloe and Toby really love each other but their relationship has come under some strain in recent weeks.

“They are both really busy with work, so they haven’t seen as much of each other, and there is the added pressure of transferring a reality TV romance into everyday life. It’s not easy.”

The couple have recently been spending time apart, as Chloe trains up for “gruelling” new ITV reality show The Games. Celebrities are expected to compete in an Olympics-style TV event which sees them spending weeks preparing, before starring in a series of live shows.

chloe and toby love island

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While Chloe is only set to star if another celebrity drops out, she’s still been taking time away to train for the show.

The source added: “They are still talking regularly and hoping to work things out. It’s encouraging that they are communicating and who knows, perhaps taking a bit of time apart will make them much stronger in the end?

“Only time will tell, but neither of them wants to admit defeat. They don’t want people to see their romance as another reality TV casualty, because they’ve always been the real deal as a couple.”

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