The Apprentice 2022 final memes

Get comfy in your jungle print Pyjamily shorts and enjoy these 23 Apprentice final memes

Jungle print *is* still on trend you guys!!!

The Apprentice feels like it’s been on forever – but at the same time, I’m gutted it’s come to an end. Two queens stood before us: Harpreet and Kathryn – both worthy candidates for the investment even if neither business idea could even slightly be described as original. All the old classic candidates came back to “help” as usual, although I’m not sure what good they ever bring to the table. Harpreet’s victory was deserved – she demolished the competition week after week. After two years off due to the Covid pandemic, this season’s euphoric return of weekly car crashes and hapless candidates has reminded us all as a nation why The Apprentice is a show that makes social media worth having every Thursday. Here are the best memes from the final of The Apprentice 2022 – put together for your scrolling ease.

1. The fashion industry is reeling

2. I can’t stop thinking about him

3. Fan service – she’s a real one

4. It looks like we want to KILL children

5. I see it

6. Is there some kind of museum we can put these in?

7. Daddy

8. I will support that queen in all her endeavours

9. Terrible times for the other Kaur sister

10. The way he’s inexplicably obsessed

11. BYE

12. Mommy

13. Shout out to the poo wave coming alive yesterday whilst we’re here

14. He was giving GCSE drama

15. It’s what she deserves for going on GB News

16. It made not a single jot of sense

17. He pays rent there

18. The girlies

19. Scream!

20. Everything she does I’m obsessed with

21. She was in the moment guys

22. The nation is in a Nick and Akshay vulcan grip

23. The vibes are IMMACULATE (ignoring Amy Anzel)

Revisit at the episode that spawned these The Apprentice memes by catching up on the 2022 final episode on BBC iPlayer.

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