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The Jeremy Kyle Show ‘challenged discrimination,’ according to its aftercare team

The show’s pastoral care provider has spoken out

Graham Stanier, leader of the Jeremy Kyle Show’s aftercare team, has defended the programme in the wake of Channel 4’s damning exposée.

Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime accused the crew of mistreating guests, as well as “winding them up,” insulting and exploiting them behind the scenes. Like most team members, Graham failed to contribute anything to the documentary personally. However, archive footage from the 2020 hearing showed him defending his role as support provider.

On Tuesday (15th March), the NHS volunteer posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, vehemently sticking up for the show and its role in the lives of those who needed help.

Graham drew criticism for addressing the documentary with a Martin Luther King Jr. quote. It read: “Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

“The Jeremy Kyle aftercare service provided: hundreds of residential treatment programmes for guests suffering from addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling… (and) external support for thousands,” Graham wrote in the caption. “The show itself was a conflict resolution show, but it also challenged homophobia, transphobia and racism (as well as) providing a platform to brave survivors of domestic abuse, trauma and childhood trauma.”

According to the pastoral care provider, the show also “took many children diagnosed with life-limiting or life-threatening medical conditions on holiday, so together with their parents and carers, they could create wonderful memories together.”

He defended the show’s portrayal of working class people, by saying: “The service had a positive impact on many people’s lives, and in some cases those whose needs are often unheard and ignored within our society were acknowledged and heard by the aftercare team.”

Jeremy Kyle himself responded to the documentary earlier in the week, saying he won’t “have my say” until after the inquest of Steve Dymond, which is currently ongoing.

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