jeremy kyle where are they now

What are the staff who worked on the Jeremy Kyle Show doing now?

Graham Stanier was noticeably missing from last night’s documentary

Channel 4 aired the unsettling final part of Jeremy Kyle: Death On Daytime last night (14th March), and people have picked up on some notable absences in the documentary.

While Kyle was the face of the tabloid talk show, Kira Phillips’ exposée noted that wider members of the team became almost as well known as the man himself. From pastoral care psychologist Graham Stanier to hugely-built security guard “Big Steve,” hardly any of the cast took part, outside of archival footage.

Which leads us to question: Where are the Jeremy Kyle Show staff members now? And do they still work in TV?

Graham Stanier

Graham was the face of the Jeremy Kyle Show’s alleged “duty of care” team. He’d often show up when guests appeared to be in significant distress – like if a lie detector came back positive or during “special episodes” featuring people facing addiction problems.

Old footage included in the documentary showed the psychologist defending himself to Damian Collins MP during his inquiry into the death of Steve Dymond. “I’m responsible for me,” he said.

While Graham is no longer working in the TV industry, he remains really good friends with Jeremy Kyle. According to his Instagram, the pair spent Christmas 2019 together, and he attended Kyle’s October 2021 wedding to his former nanny, Vicky. The pastoral care worker also volunteers for the NHS.

Tom McLennan

jeremy kyle where are they now

Photo via Channel 4

Tom McLennan – one of the executive producers on the Jeremy Kyle Show – was featured heavily throughout the documentary. Like Graham, he was present on the panel while Damian Collins conducted his inquiry. Footage shows the MP grilling Tom about the accuracy of the lie detector tests – and the executive producer didn’t appear to have an answer for him.

He still works in TV sporadically, having produced other ITV daytime shows such as Judge Rinder, Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories and Yes Chef.

Lucy McLennan

Lucy McLennan is married to Tom, and they subsequently worked together on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Whistleblowers for the documentary branded Tom and Lucy “the ceiling,” in that they were the highest-level producers on the show. They also claimed the pair weren’t fully aware of the accusations made behind the scenes.

Like her husband, Lucy has worked on a number of ITV daytime projects outside the Jeremy Kyle Show. Her list of credits on IMDB is long, and includes 60 episodes of Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories, Yorkshire Airport and Jo Frost: Family Matters.

‘Security Steve’

jeremy kyle where are they now

Photo via ITV

Security Steve would often be required to de-escalate situations where the guests had become violent. Contributors to Jeremy Kyle: Death On Daytime have now accused producers of deliberately winding people up for hours on end, in order to provoke extreme reactions from guests while recording.

Just like everyone else on the team, Steve – surname unknown – was let go from ITV after the cancellation of the show. He publicly sent love and well-wishes to the family of Steve Dymond after his death. Security Steve has previously been spotted outside the Judge Rinder studios since 2019 – but there are no current plans for him to return to any other show just yet.

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