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‘There are two sides to every story’: Jeremy Kyle breaks silence on Channel 4 documentary

Kyle has previously announced he is taking legal action, calling the doc ‘false and damaging’

Jeremy Kyle has spoken out against the new Channel 4 documentary Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime, breaking his silence on the illuminating documentary that has guests and producers from the long running daytime talk show speaking out about the working environment and the suicide of guest Steve Dymond a week after he filmed an episode.

In order to protect their anonymity, the documentary has actors voicing and portraying former producers of The Jeremy Kyle Show speaking out against the programme, which one refers to as “psychological carnage” and another says Kyle had a “God complex”. The show also features interviews with former guests of the show, who detail the show’s aftercare and hardships they’ve faced as a result of appearing as guests – particularly in regards to the show’s infamous (and unreliable) lie detector.

Speaking yesterday on his TalkRADIO show, Jeremy Kyle said the following: “Let’s just deal with the elephant in the room straight away: A couple of texts already talking about a certain programme that was on television last night. Yes, I am fully aware. I will say only this, my friends, to you. I have maintained a consistent approach over the last three years.

“I have said that I will not comment on the tragic death of Steve Dymond until the legal process is finished, and that is a position that I will maintain. When, and trust me there will be a time after the inquest, when it is proper for me to have my say – because there are two sides to every story – I will do it here, and I will do it to you, and that is the most important thing.”

Jeremy Kyle has previously announced he is taking legal action over the Death on Daytime documentary, saying the following in a statement to The Sun: “I’ve consistently maintained it would be inappropriate to discuss the tragic death of Steve Dymond before the legal inquest into it has concluded. Likewise, the false and damaging allegations made against me by Channel 4 are with the lawyers now… Now is not the time to debate or discuss what is an ongoing legal process. When I can respond, I will.”

ITV have consistently denied that there was a bad or toxic work culture within the central production team of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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