Millie and Liam Love Island split up

Guys, there’s a rumour Millie and Liam have broken up – here’s all the evidence

But they are one in a Milliam😭😭

Millie and Liam are one in a Milliam when it comes to perfect Love Island couples. They stole our hearts in the summer of 2021 after coming first on Love Island and now rumours have surfaced saying Millie and Liam have split up. Will we ever know peace? First Chris and Maura and now Millie and Liam are allegedly on the rocks?? Next you’ll be telling me Alex and Olivia are on a break!! (I take that back, I am NOT putting this into the universe).

Fans of Millie and Liam have put together evidence which argues the case of them no longer being together. Yes, this is a frightfully terrifying rumour but let’s get into it. Here’s all of the evidence pointing toward the break up of Millie and Liam from Love Island.

Liam is apparently following more female models

Now I’m not saying this is a reliable reason for speculating our Love Island faves, Millie and Liam, have split up but it’s not ideal. You have to be HOT on Millie and Liam to clock this but according to The Sun, an eagle-eyed fan spotted this.

They’re not spending much time together anymore

Obviously couples don’t need to spend every single waking moment of the day together and we all know Liam made the big move from Wales to Essex but we didn’t expect them to be apart so often. That being said, Millie did post this picture of herself last night and Liam left a comment saying “Very cool” with the fire emoji!!

Millie hasn’t appeared on Liam’s Instagram is over a month

So the last time Liam posted a picture of Millie was well over a month ago which is unusual for him. He posted pictures of himself at the ASOS Beauty Awards even though they went together. This was his last post featuring Millie from January 28 earlier this year.


On a podcast Liam said he has ‘nothing to wake up for’

Whilst appearing on the Heat podcast, Liam says he has “nothing to wake up for” after winning Love Island with Millie. He said: “I came off Love Island, I’ve been put into Essex, no family no friends. Obviously, I’m with Millie, which is good. I’d wake up but have nothing to wake up for.”

On the podcast he even said he was worried about his future. Especially since Millie was getting offered all of the “big deals”. He said: “Millie was getting all these deals and doing really well, and I was starting to panic, ‘am I going to go back to work'”. If we haven’t got Millie and Liam then what do we even have? What do WE have to wake up for?? NOTHING.

This is all speculation and neither Liam or Millie have commented.

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