Faye Winter from Love Island says she struggled with life after leaving the villa

She also said she’d quit her job if her relationship with Teddy started going downhill

26-year-old ex-Love Island star Faye Winter has revealed the negative impact of being on the show and said it left her struggling to adjust to normal life. She even said she would consider quitting her day-to-day job if she noticed her relationship with Teddy going downhill.

Faye also said she spent time worrying about the thought of losing who she was after appearing on Love Island back in 2021. In an interview with The Sun, she said: “It’s been a whirlwind. I would be lying if I said everything is always okay. You’ve got to be very strong.”

After coming second on Love Island last summer with her boyfriend Teddy Soares, Faye says she’s keen to “stay true” to herself after becoming famous.

Faye says life before Love Island was so consistent, “but now I don’t have a routine and I’ve moved to a completely different area” she said. “All my friends and family are down in Devon. I don’t have anyone near me who I could say ‘Oh do you fancy going out for a glass of wine or a cup of tea?'”, Faye added.

She then continued to say how she and Teddy now live together which means she spends 24 hours a day navigating a new relationship which can be hard, she said. Apparently now Faye only does projects she is passionate about and doesn’t jump into big brand deals like other Islanders.

Faye insisted she’d give up her new lifestyle so fast if it risked her relationship with Teddy. She said: “Me and Teddy always say as long as our relationship is good, then nothing else matters. I want my relationship to be the first and foremost thing. If me and Teddy started to go down the pan. I would give up jobs to make our relationship work. He’s my biggest fan. I couldn’t do this without him. Teddy supports every dream I have and I support every dream he has.”

Faye’s continued to work as a foster carer for Guide Dogs since before her time in the villa. She says this job keeps her grounded and humble – she even goes for dog walks with the trainee dogs and helps spread awareness of the charity. She told The Sun: “When you’ve got this platform, some take the route of trying to get every deal they can. I’ve chosen to stick to my routes and continue working with Guide Dogs.”

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