Love Island 2021 star Faye Winter has turned down brand deals and is launching a new property company instead

Love Island’s Faye turns down six figure deals and is launching property empire instead

Her new company already has a swanky Instagram page

Love Island 2021 Islander, Faye Winter, has reportedly turned down six figure deals with brands and is now launching her own property company instead. The 26-year-old worked as a lettings manager before she entered the villa, and has now set up her latest venture.

According to the Sun, Faye has been “inundated” with six figure deals from clothing brands since leaving the villa, but instead has decided to stick to what she knows with a new property and homes empire. She’s launched an Instagram account for the company, called Faye Home, which already has nearly 150k followers.

A source said: “While the other Islanders have been announcing deals left, right and centre, Faye has been busy working away behind the scenes. She was of course tempted by some of the deals that landed on her lap – especially a six-figure one from a well-known clothing brand, but she wanted to stay true to herself. Faye is going to be dishing out advice, but she’ll also be launching a homeware brand and expanding her own property empire.”

On the Instagram account, Faye has given a little preview of what’s to come with the company. She reflects on her Love Island intro, where she referred to herself as: “I’m Faye, I’m 26 and I’m a Lettings Manager from Devon.” The Instagram post adds: “Every part of me was proud to say those words, I’d worked so hard for ten years over both Sales and Lettings to get me to the point of where I was. I was lucky enough to adore my career and I never went on this journey for a new one, just somehow managed to get an amazing following from incredible people which I’m so grateful for, so why not now carry on what I loved from within my new life.”

“So now we can go on a further journey together which I’m so excited for,” she continues. “This will be OUR home account, and when I say home of course you will be getting all my inspiration and updates but not only that… I will be giving the advice that some people need as I agree the housing market can be an absolute minefield!

“I will also be starting up a YouTube channel for more in-depth conversations around Home Inspiration, Real Estate and the Housing Market, for me it was important to start a YouTube channel with something I was passionate about. I hope that this will help many of you as that’s what I’m here to do and will also enjoy it as much as I will! I CAN’T WAIT AND FINALLY THANK YOU!”

Faye adds that her new post Love Island company will see her giving advice on things such as what you can do to help sell or rent your property, what questions to ask as a tenant or buyer and what the “scary” housing processes consist of.

Huge power move, good luck Faye!

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