Millie and Liam say what they’re spending the £50k on and the cast plan moving in together!

There’s going to be an all girls house and an all boys house in Essex

Millie and Liam are officially Love Island 2021 winners. They won Monday’s final by a pretty clear percentage of the final votes, and are now about to start their lives in the outside world together. During the live final, Liam popped the question and asked Millie to be his girlfriend, so it looks like they’ve got a long ol’ future together coming their way.

So, what does it actually feel like to be a Love Island winner? And what do the couple have planned next? Here’s all the juicy details they have spilled, since leaving their little villa bubble.

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‘We’re on top of the world’

It must be a pretty surreal feeling to win Love Island, and one most of us can only ever imagine. When asked how it does actually feel, Liam said: “It’s a surreal feeling we never thought that this would ever happen. We’ve done it together and we’re on top of the world right now, we couldn’t be happier.” Millie added: “When it had been fourth and third place and then it got to us, the final two couples that’s when it hit and I was like, ‘Ok this is actually between first and second place now!’”

Liam said his favourite Love Island moment was his and Millie’s final date in the castle, which he described as amazing. “We’ve never experienced anything like that, to experience it together was amazing,” he said. “We told each other we loved each other – it was a special moment. We’ll never forget that.” Millie added: “It was a summer of a lifetime – I’ve loved every single minute of it.”

Millie said there was no chance she was going to steal the money from Liam

At the end, Millie and Liam were given two envelopes: one with the £50k prize, and one with nothing. Millie got the one with money, and chose love and split the winnings with Liam. She said there was no chance she was stealing, and that “didn’t cross my mind”. “I came on the show to find love at the end of the day, so we said for ages now anything after we found what we found was a bonus,” she said. “Then to receive that money, it was just incredible. But there wasn’t a doubt in my mind – I was going to share that with Liam because we’re about to experience life together.”

Liam added that “money can’t buy” what he and Millie share, saying: “Any money in the world would mean nothing to me unless I had Millie with me. I would have been splitting it one hundred million percent.”

Interview with Love Island 2021 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon

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So, what are Millie and Liam going to spend the money on?

Millie shared that the first thing she wants to do with the cash is treat her friends and family. “I want to give back to them and do something for them,” she said. Liam said he also wants to “look after” his family back home and  “spoil them as they’ve always done the best for me”. He added he will definitely be putting money towards a house.

All the 2021 Islanders are going to be moving in together!

This year, there was a lot of talk of how distance will effect the couples after the villa. Liam said: “I love where I’m from but I would like to venture off and move to somewhere new and Essex seems like the perfect place really. I know some of the boys who were in the villa we got on so well and they mentioned moving in together and they’d like to move to Essex so that’s something I would definitely be considering and that’s my plan really, moving to Essex.” He said that he and Millie will move in together eventually, but “don’t want to jump into living together straight away because we don’t want to add too much pressure.”

Millie said: “We haven’t been away from each other yet to miss each other and do those things that you do in normal relationships. But us girls [from the villa] will rent a house in Essex, boys will rent a house in Essex, see how that goes for six months and then get a crack on with it [moving in together].”  Liam added: “That’s exactly how I feel. I think six months then that’s the next step, we move in together.”

The pair also added that they have loved the comparisons viewers have made to them and Gavin and Stacey – because they’re from Essex and Wales. Liam said he can’t wait to have Millie visit Wales, and wants to get her some walking boots to walk his dog, and take her on a night out in Cardiff.

Interview with Love Island 2021 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon

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Millie and Liam think Toby and Chloe will get married first

Wedding bells? Already? That’s classic Toby and Chloe behaviour, and Millie said that her and Liam are “so close” with the couple. “Them two just make us laugh so much. We’d be privileged to go to their wedding, it’d be unreal,” she said. Liam added: “They are obsessed with each other. If Tobes popped the question today, I wouldn’t be surprised!” Millie added that she reckons Chloe would “definitely” say yes. I’ll buy my hat x

And yes, the Love Island 2021 tattoos really might be happening

When she was dumped from the villa, tattoo artist Abi hinted she might do some matching tattoos for all of the cast members. Millie has now said she’s getting a red love heart on the back of my arm and that her, Mary, Chloe are all getting one. Liam said the boys all want a love heart with a seven in it [for series seven]. Millie said she’d love for Abi to be the one to do it for them all.

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