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‘It’s Skete’: Pete Davidson finally responds to Kanye West in ‘leaked’ texts

‘Stop being a little internet b*tch boy’

Pete Davidson has officially responded to Kanye West’s avalanche of abuse in a series of “leaked” texts.

The SNL star has reportedly been dating Kim Kardashian since October 2021 – despite the pair only confirming the relationship two days ago (12th March). Kanye has been reluctant to stay quiet during this time, as divorce proceedings have trudged on between himself and Kim.

A tirade against Pete was launched by the Jeen-Yuhs star in February – most notably, Kanye released two music videos showing him torturing the comedian, accused him of sending inappropriate texts to Mac Miller and encouraged his fans to scream “Kimye forever” if they saw him in the street.

Yesterday (13th March), fans saw Pete breaking his silence for the first time since the drama began.

pete davidson texts

According to reports, the texts were originally posted by Dave Sirus – one of Pete’s colleagues in the SNL writers’ room. He then made his Instagram account private after they started gaining traction. Pete allegedly gave Dave permission to do this.

The comedian had plenty to say in his own defence, and repeatedly urged Kanye to seek medical treatment for his mental health. His texts read: “It’s wonders what (rehab and hospital) can do when you go get help. You should try it. I’m in LA for the day if you wanna stop being a little internet bitch boy and talk.

“Your actions are so pussy and embarrassing. It’s so sad to watch you ruin ur legacy on the daily.”

According to the texts, Kanye refused to meet Pete one-to-one multiple times, instead suggesting he “come to Sunday Service.” In response, Pete said: “This isn’t public dude. I’m not here for pictures and press. Which is obviously all you care about. My offer still stands.

“Let me help you man. I struggle with mental stuff, too. It’s not an easy journey. You don’t have to feel this way anymore.”

Earlier in the day, Kanye posted a (now-deleted) number of videos accusing Kim of selling out their daughter, North, to “TikTok and Disney.”

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