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Kanye West debuts ‘vile’ new music video featuring him kidnapping Pete Davidson

Fans are wondering who signed off on this

Kanye West dropped a surprise music video for his new track, Eazy, last night (2nd March) –  just as reports of his freshly-granted divorce from Kim Kardashian began to surface.

Ever since the pair publicly separated back in February 2021, the Jeen-Yuhs star has been outspoken about his desire to get back with his ex-wife. This led to plenty of bad blood between himself and Kim’s newest boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Back in February, Kanye launched a non-stop tirade against the comedian, re-branding him “Skete Davidson” and encouraging fans to scream in Pete’s face if they saw him in the street. Now, his latest music video shows a stop-motion version of himself kidnapping, beheading and burying Pete alive in a number of scenarios.

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While Eazy details Kanye’s inner-most thoughts and feelings about the divorce, the music video makes for incredibly grim watching. We’re first introduced to a claymation version of Pete, staring at us from an open casket. We then see a scenario in which Kanye throws a sack over an unsuspecting Pete and captures him – before the next shot shows him holding the SNL stand-up star’s dismembered head under his shoulder.

Finally, Pete’s head is seen sticking out from a hole in the ground, as we’re led to believe he’s been buried alive. A bunch of roses – not too dissimilar to the ones Kanye sent to Kim on Valentine’s Day – sprout from the top of his head, while the rapper trims them.

While a few fans have run to the rappers defence, labelling the video “art,” a lot of other people found it shocking to see.

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The video prompted misogynistic abuse towards Kim Kardashian from viewers. “His life was never eazy… but his wife been,” one person commented.

Long-time fans of the rapper have talked candidly about their concerns for Kim, as well as Kanye’s mental health. “It’s crazy how Kanye is traveling all around the world with different women but is doing all he can to stop his wife from dating,” one person said. “It’s not love, it’s more about control. Disgusting.”

“Kanye is starting to go too far with this,” said another.

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