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Texts, tears and a truck filled with roses: The Kanye West saga marches on

The internet is truly divided

It’s been around 48 hours since Kanye West decided to spam Instagram with slurs about Pete Davidson. Fans were beginning to believe things were calming down – but this is Yeezus’ world, and we’re all just living in it.

In a second series of Instagram posts (which, of course, have now been deleted), Kanye called for people to scream in the faces of Kim Kardashian and Pete, before retracting his statement and focusing solely on swarming his ex-wife with loving (??) gestures.

I know, I know. It’s easy to miss these things when they happen overnight. But thanks to post notifications, social media reporters and the all-consuming foreverness of the internet, we’re able to fill you in. Here’s *another* rundown of everything Kanye West posted last night:

Kanye insists there’s no beef between him and Kim

kanye west instagram

One of Kanye’s weekend posts asked fans to scream “KimYe forever” if they saw his ex-wife and Pete in the street. After sharing another paparazzi shot of the two, Ye clarified: “I don’t have beef with Kim. I love my family so stop that narrative. I’m not giving up on my family.

“To the public and the press: Sometimes people call me crazy, but to be in love is to be crazy about something and I am crazy about my family.”

After breaking up with Julia Fox, Kanye sent hundreds of roses to Kim’s home

kanye west truck of roses

Photo via Instagram

Kanye posted a photo of a van filled with roses, tagging Kim and captioning it: “My vision is krystal klear.”

Fans had majorly mixed reactions to the gesture, with one saying: “Omg what a king.” Meanwhile, others accused the rapper of “stalking” the star, as well as encouraging her to “get a restraining order.” Reports have compared the act to lovebombing, in which someone overwhelms a potential partner with attention, flattery and grand gestures in order to win control over them.

Kanye leaked private texts from Kim, asking him to leave them alone

kanye screenshots

In order to stop his fans from threatening Pete, Kanye posted private texts sent to him by Kim. “Someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault,” the businesswoman said. In his caption, Kanye urged: “Please nobody do anything physical to Skete, I’m going to handle the situation myself.”

This was implied in the next slide, which showed a man throttling another on a sofa.

Kanye leaked another private text asking him to stop leaking private texts

kim kardashian text

In another leaked screenshot, Kanye proclaimed to be Kim’s “biggest fan,” after she begged him to keep their conversations private. “I’m your number one fan, why wouldn’t I tell everyone!!!!” he said.

kanye text

“I listened to you and told everyone to make sure nothing physical happens to Skete,” he said. Kanye deleted each post shortly afterwards, leaving only a promo post for his new album, Donda 2 and a statement begging “god (to) please bring our family back together.”

Kanye’s Netflix documentary comes out tomorrow (16th February)

jeen-yuhs act one

Photo via Netflix

jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy will premiere on Netflix UK tomorrow (16th February) – and it’s safe to say a whole host of people will be watching to see if any of this is addressed.

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