Simon Leviev confirms his Instagram is BACK and the past few days have ‘not been easy’

He says he ‘will keep fighting as I always did’ and he now has a manager’s email in his bio

Today, The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev has confirmed his original Instagram account is back up and running. He’s posted some new photos to the account, and a video explaining that it is now his only social media profile.

Shortly after The Tinder Swindler was released on Netflix, Simon Leviev said his Instagram account had been hacked. The account he had been using previously is featured heavily in the Netflix documentary about him, and had gained over 200k followers since its release. But now, @simon_leviev_official is back live, and he has been posting updates.

In an Instagram story post, Simon Leviev posted to say he had his account back, and any other profiles claiming to be his are fake. He confirmed Instagram is the only social media he owns, and the TikTok which has gone viral claiming to be him isn’t his.

He’s also been posting some new photos, too. In a photo of him getting out a car, Simon set the caption as: “The past few days was not easy for me. Thank you all for your love and support. I will keep fighting as I always did.” He has limited comments on his posts.

Right now, Simon Leviev has 231k followers and is following nobody. His account is followed by his new girlfriend, Kate Konlin, and she has been liking his new posts. His account has now also been updated to have an email address for a new manager in his bio.

To recap the saga, over the first weekend after Netflix released the film about him, Simon Leviev posted a video on an Instagram story of a new account which claimed the original profile had been hacked and he had now started a new one. He said the new profile was the only account which now belongs to and is run by him. That one was quickly taken down, too. It’s not yet clear why this second account was removed, but it doesn’t look like it was too much lost, as he’s back with access to the original.

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