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Everything you need to know about Chaney Jones, Kanye West’s mysterious new girlfriend

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Last week (25th February), Kim Kardashian cited yet another reason for wanting to divorce Kanye West as soon as possible. Despite this, the rapper remained totally unbothered. He was spotted at the listening party of his latest album – DONDA 2 – with his new girlfriend, amid his ongoing open relationship with Julia Fox.

Chaney Jones, known on the internet as Kanye’s latest fling, was branded a “Kardashian clone” on Twitter. While the physical resemblance is undeniable, she’s also a woman in her own right, with an impressive career behind her at such a young age.

So, just who exactly is Chaney Jones? Here’s everything you need to know:

How old is Chaney Jones?

Chaney is only 24-years-old, making her 20 years younger than Kanye. She graduated from the University of Delaware in 2020, with a degree in elementary education, human development and family studies. Chaney was also on the Dean’s List three years running, meaning she was receiving the highest grades on her course.

What does she do for a living?

As well as studying for a Master’s in counselling at Wilmington University, she’s the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of First State Behavioural Health, a counselling company.

According to The Sun, Chaney started blowing up on Instagram back in 2019. She grew a following of over 200,000 followers before being pictured with Kanye, which led to side hustles in modelling and influencing. Chaney has previously modelled for brands like KY Boutique and GSUWOO.

Is she a nepotism baby?

Chaney’s dad, Avon Jones, is the CEO of First State Behavioural Health. But it looks like she’s achieved a lot without her parents’ help.

What’s her net worth?

While reports are unconfirmed, Chaney is allegedly worth a whopping £2 million, no doubt due to her COO position and social media modelling. As of today (2nd March), she has at least 347,000 followers.

Is she officially dating Kanye West?

So, it looks like the pair are officially together, despite only being papped on one date. Kanye and Julia Fox are reportedly still seeing each other – but Chaney’s already declared herself the “future Mrs. West,” as stated on her Facebook profile.

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Let’s just hope Kanye sees it that way, too – and he isn’t just messing around to make Kim jealous.

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