A ‘train wreck’ and shock confrontations: What to expect in Love Is Blind season two reunion

This is going to be JUICY

I don’t mean to alarm you, but the Love Is Blind season two reunion episode is coming and it looks mega JUICY. There are so many questions we need answering since the finale, and what’s more, a major argument is currently playing out with two cast members so expect even more drama than we could have ever imagined.

The big things we know to expect is an update on the marriages of Danielle and Nick and Iyanna and Jarrette – the two couples who said “I do” at the altar this season. However, it looks as though the other cast members aren’t done either, with some shocking confrontations, tears and even a full argument on the cards.

Here’s everything we know about the Love Is Blind season two reunion, and some first look pictures. Be prepared, it’s going to be A LOT.

What to expect in the Love Is Blind season two reunion and first look preview of Netflix episode

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All of the couples will be back for the Love Is Blind season two reunion

The reunion will see all the engaged couples come back and discuss their lives since the show, and what they think of the experiment now. With production being halted this season, it’s been nearly a year since everything was filmed – so there will be a lot to catch up on. Expect fiery updates from Natalie and Shayne, Danielle and Nick, Iyanna and Jarrette, Mallory and Salvador, Deepti and Shake and Shaina and Kyle.

We’ll get some key updates on the biggest questions from the show so far: Are Shayne and Natalie back together? Have Mallory and Sal started dating or seeing other people? Did Shake and Deepti ever go to Nobu, or?

Natalie will confront Shaina and finally chat everything out

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One of the biggest talking points this year has been the drama between Shaina and Natalie and Shayne. Shayne had been speaking to both women, before proposing to Natalie. Shaina was with Kyle, which didn’t work out, and then shadily at the retreat said to Shayne she thinks his relationship with Natalie is “comical” and even offered to hook Natalie up with one of her mates instead.

Now, at the reunion, Natalie will finally confront Shaina over everything that has happened. Prior to the season two finale, Natalie told Entertainment Tonight she “had no idea” that her former fiancé Shayne had a connection with Shaina in the pods. She then said Shaina called her after the retreat trip to Mexico “just to check in and she asked how Shayne and I were doing.”

“It was girl talk,” Natalie said. “She told me about the things that were happening with Kyle as well. She just said, ‘If Shayne and you don’t work out, I have a friend who’s interested. He’s a millionaire and I showed him your Instagram profile, so if you’re interested, he’s available.'”

What to expect in the Love Is Blind season two reunion and first look preview of Netflix episode

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Natalie went on to call Shaina’s comments “weird” and “inappropriate”. “I haven’t had the conversation with her about it in terms of where her anger came from or why she called my relationship fraudulent or fake,” Natalie said. “But I didn’t know the extent of that conversation until I saw the show. That was a surprise for me.” Shaina has since admitted her comments were “petty” and said she apologised to Natalie – but the reunion will be a proper chance for the two women to speak in person.

Whilst Shayne has since addressed rumours he and Shaina may have seen each other since the show, saying he never has, and never will, have a romantic relationship with her – he also said he “will always love” Natalie – so have they got back together and managed to work things out? They’ve been posting together on Instagram so they could well have. 👀

It looks like a lot more went down in the argument between Shayne and Natalie than we heard at the wedding

At Natalie and Shayne’s wedding, Natalie said no and we then saw the couple discussing an argument they had the day before where Shayne had said he hated Natalie, and she was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. In a preview of the reunion, the couple are discussing this and Natalie begins to cry as she talks about the idea she may have not let Shayne know he was enough.

He says his words “didn’t come from nowhere” and asks Natalie to apologise for her side of the argument. Natalie says she understands “that anger came from somewhere” and something she did “pushed [Shayne] to that point”. “I apologised for making you feel you weren’t good enough,” she says. “I feel like you were more than enough.”

Kyle and Shake are ARGUING and Kyle has called it a ‘train wreck’

What to expect in the Love Is Blind season two reunion and first look preview of Netflix episode

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In a teaser post for the reunion, Love Is Blind posted the above picture of the guys from the show. Kyle commented saying the picture shows him “enjoying the train wreck” whilst Shake added “Imma warn you. I KEEPS IT REAL AT THIS REUNION”. Shake also replied to Kyle’s comment, saying: “translation: you’re a little bihh.”

And this has begun, in a shocking twist, what looks like the hottest tea in the reunion coming curtesy of Shake and Kyle. Since the wedding episode aired last week, they have been majorly beefing even more on Instagram in what looks like a big ol’ falling out. Kyle shared a post of his comment with a train over Shake and Shake responded by calling Kyle a “serial cheater” with a “lack of loyalty”. Ummm??

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Shake then went on a full rant, editing the scene from the show when Kyle met Shaina’s family and they asked him if he was a “godly man”. He changed “godly” to read “loyal”, “sincere” and “decent”, all of which then had Kyle saying “I don’t know what that is”. He added another to say Kyle was a “sneaky rat”.

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In a further post, Shake himself confirmed the reunion episode is “nothing short of a train wreck for me”. “I feel like a villain so I played one. Low key was kinda fun at times but yeah be warned lmao,” he said. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

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So, a couple of things are for sure: The reunion is going to show us what “train wreck” Kyle was witnessing unfold with Shake, and then what has subsequently made the two hate one another. I cannot wait.

The Love Is Blind season two reunion drops on Friday

We don’t have long to wait to get all these answers, as the Love Is Blind season two reunion episode drops at 8am GMT on Friday.

Season two of Love Is Blind is available on Netflix now. The reunion episode is released on Netflix on Friday, March 4th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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