UK victim of The Tinder Swindler has said Simon Leviev was rubbish in bed

‘He was a total flop, I had to show him the ropes’

A woman from the UK, who believes she was one of the first victims of The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev, has said he was a “total flop” in bed. In an interview, Samantha Hales has spoken of her brief time with Simon, real name Shimon Hayut.

She told the Sun he had claimed to her that he was a Mossad spy and pilot. They dated for a month, before she recalls things got “nasty” in their relationship. “He must have really improved his game in the last ten years to get money out of these girls,” she told the publication. “He couldn’t pull any strokes in the bedroom. He was a total flop. I had to show him the ropes.

“Even though he had this beautiful charm about him, he was extremely cold when it came to sex. He had no idea what he was doing.” She likened him in bed to Will from The Inbetweeners “when he thinks he’s having sex with Charlotte and he’s just lying on top jabbing her.”

A UK victim of The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev has spoken of their time dating and said he was rubbish in bed

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The pair had met in 2012 on the dating site Plenty of Fish and at first he had given her the same five-star treatment that was shown with the women in The Tinder Swindler on Netflix. She said he had put her up in a fancy hotel in Valencia when she was on holiday there, and then the lies began.

“He started telling me that he was a part of Mossad,” Samantha said.  “Every time I tried to delve a little bit deeper, he was very shady. He said ‘look I can’t tell you all the details’. Then he pulled out these plastic identity cards. You could tell they were fake. They had his picture with Interpol written on it. It just looked terrible. Then he flipped after he said he was on the run. He became really nasty to me because I questioned him. He told all my friends that I’d stolen money from him.”

Samatha continued to say she got “threatening” calls and messages from Simon Leviev, who she later saw in the Netflix documentary when a friend told her of it. “He is just one big fat liar and in denial of himself. People need to be warned,” she said. The Netflix films states Leviev stole around $10million (£7.4million) from his victims, all over the world.

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