I dated The Tinder Swindler’s business partner and only realised through Netflix doc

A UK doctor says she was ‘wined and dined’ by Avi, who features in the film

A British doctor is claiming she dated the business partner of The Tinder Swindler, and she only realised it was him when the Netflix documentary came out and she saw him on there. The doctor, who has remained unnamed, says she was “wined and dined” by Avi, who features in the Netflix film as is referred to as the partner of Simon Leviev.

According to the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old doctor had a “whirlwind relationship” with Avishay, after meeting him on Tinder in 2017. She says she was wined and dined by him and treated to overnight hotel stays in London and Berlin. However, the relationship “fizzled out” because she couldn’t see herself as part of his “crazy jet-set lifestyle”.

She says she only realised who it was she had been dating when the Netflix documentary was released and she saw him in it. She also recognised Simon Leviev “within seconds” as someone she was in “close contact” with because of her relationship with Avishay, known as Avi.

A woman claims she dated the business partner of The Tinder Swindler and only realised through Netflix doc

Avishay (left) with Simon Leviev as his business partner, in The Tinder Swindler on Netflix

The doctor told the Daily Mail she had just come out of a four year relationship when she saw Avi on Tinder. “I was going to London a lot to stay with friends at weekends at the time and I was going on Tinder,” she said. “If someone is paying you attention, it’s a great way to forget about your ex. I did meet a few people in London, and then Avi’s profile suddenly popped up. It was full of pictures of him on private jets and in luxury cars.”

She added: “He seemed to have a fun life, and dressed well. He seemed nice and I liked the idea of meeting someone successful. We matched immediately after I swiped right, and he started sending me messages straight away over Tinder. I was worried that he was probably a Catfish, but I didn’t think that I had anything to lose as long as I was careful.”

She goes on to say Avi took her number and they began speaking on Whatsapp and making video calls, so she realised it was definitely him and not a Catfish. “He immediately told me that he was always in different countries and was flying more than one million miles a year,” she said.

“We spoke over a couple of weeks and he was always in a different location, sending me geotags from five star hotels all over Europe in places like Italy, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, and Amsterdam. He seemed to be in a different place every day, and he kept sending me pictures of more private jets. It just didn’t seem real. I did check his Tinder account which shows the distance that a person is from you and it all seemed to match with the places he claimed to be in.

“He said he had lots of business interests including diamonds, real estate, a transport company, credit consulting and business management. He also told me he had been in the Israeli army and his family lived in America. He said his full name was Avishay which meant ‘gift from God’.”

The doctor added Avi would call himself “Mr Worldwide” and said “things were going well” when they met at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. They went out and she claims she met Simon Leviev, dressed all in designer clothes. She says there was constantly champagne on the tables in nightclubs, they had bodyguards and the whole experience was “like a movie”. She says they later met up again in Berlin, with Avi paying for her to fly “at the front of the plane” and get picked up from the airport by a chauffeur.

They spent lots of time together and she says Simon was constantly ringing Avi, before he burst into their hotel room saying he and Avi had to leave. “He was saying a deal in Amsterdam had gone wrong and we had to go there straight away,” she said. She said she flew home, and the relationship shortly fizzled out.

via Netflix

The doctor added one of her friends had watched The Tinder Swindler earlier this week and told her to watch it, saying the person involved might be the man she dated. “My friend sent me a screenshot of Simon who was on the programme, but it wasn’t a great picture and I didn’t recognise him,” she said.

“Then when I sat down to watch the show, I realised within seconds that it was the Simon I met, and Avi popped up a couple of times. I recognised the bodyguard as well. It was just like a movie, but this was real life. I was horrified to see how Simon had been ripping off all these women.”

The end of The Tinder Swindler on Netflix confirms Avishay has never faced any charges through being the business partner of Simon Leviev. Leviev is believed to have scammed victims all over the world out of an estimated $10million (£7.4million).

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