Love Is Blind couples who got married season two

Here are the Love Is Blind couples who ended up getting married in the final episode

My jaw was firmly on the floor the whole time

If you don’t want to watch the entire wedding episode of Love Is Blind season two to find out which couples get married then you’ve come to the right place. At the end of episode nine we saw Danielle and Nick at the altar and she just said “I do” whilst Nick profusely sweats. Then at the start of episode 10, the weddings, we hear Nick say his response. From then on out, this episode threw major curve balls and left my jaw firmly on the ground. So here’s a breakdown of all the Love Is Blind couples who got married from season two and all of the ones who didn’t.

Danielle and Nick ended up getting married

Love Is Blind couples who got married season two

Even though they had a hefty amount of odds stacked against them, Nick and Danielle ended up saying “I do” to one another. It was a stressful time to watch because Nick was sweating BUCKETS and Danielle looked as though she was on the verge of tears every time the camera flicked to her. But yes, they officially tied the knot. After their wedding, though, the episode got a lot more wild and was incredibly shocking. Next we watched Deepti and Shake’s ceremony.

Deepti and Shake didn’t get married

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Throughout this entire process, Shake has waved a bunch of red flags. And even though it took Deepti ages to realise, I am so glad she said no at the alter. She even said to Shake she deserves someone who knows they want to marry her. It was actually a bit sad at times, Deepti told the camera Shake never made her feel like the one.

You could tell as soon as Deepti said no, Shake felt relieved. So much so that he let her walk away and then turned to the wedding guests and shouted: “This is a celebration, let’s run it”. To all of the guests he said at the altar he was thinking “Please be the one to reject me, I can handle it,” this man is so cursed. Then he said to the camera he wants to use this as an opportunity to get back into his fitness routine. Deepti ended things with: “He didn’t deserve me” – too bloody right, queen.

Shayne and Natalie didn’t get married

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This was probably the most shocking one of them all. We all really expected them to marry one another and live happily ever after. But on their wedding day Natalie revealed they had a bad fight the night before. Shayne says yes at the altar but then Natalie says no and claims they have things they need to sort through first.

They then get into another argument outside where we learn the night before Shayne apparently told Natalie he hates her and she is the worst thing in his life right now. Natalie says when she was at the altar she felt nervous around Shayne but still wishes to try and make things work with him. Shayne tells the camera he is “very hurt and very sad” and after Natalie suggests they continue dating, he says “do you think I’m going to come back to you after that”. A big yikes, especially since they were the power couple of Love Is Blind season two.

Sal and Mallory also didn’t get married

Love Is Blind couples who got married season two

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When standing at the altar with each other, Sal was asked if he would like to marry Mallory. He said “I cannot. I feel like I need more time.” And to be honest, Mallory seemed very patient, supportive and kind. She then left the altar whilst Sal turned to her family and apologised. Mallory later admits to Sal she wouldn’t have known what to say if she was asked first but they then agreed to continue dating beyond their wedding.

Jarrette and Iyanna got married

Okay so I was fully sold on these two not making it to the altar but I guess fair enough that they did. Not only that but their wedding went off without any drama whatsoever. They have fully given me hope that true love does exist.

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