Which couples from Love Is Blind season two are still together? All the clues we have

Just saying, there are a LOT of clues about Natalie and Shayne 👀

The Love Is Blind season two finale drops on Netflix tomorrow, and we will FINALLY get the answer to the question none of us can stop thinking about – which of the couples ends up getting married and who is still together now? People have already come up with loads of predictions as to who from Love Is Blind season two gets married and is together now still, but you know what’s better than predictions based on the nine episodes we’ve watched? Cold, hard facts. That’s right, the Love Is Blind season two cast have dropped some major clues about which of the couples gets married and are together now, and fans have been going wild for it.

Ahead of the finale and finding out who actually gets married, this is who from Love Is Blind looks like they are still together now. There will also be a reunion episode coming next Friday, where we will officially find out who from Love Is Blind is still together since filming. For now, all we have are these clues.

Here are all the clues we have that tell us who on Love Is Blind season two got left at the altar, who got married, and who is still together now:

Natalie and Shayne

Are Natalie and Shayne still together now? Probably

First up we have fan favourites Natalie and Shayne. After being a bit of a knob in the pods, we’ve all warmed to Shayne and he and Natalie seem to be one of the only couples people are confident in getting married in the Love Is Blind finale. But as well as this, Natalie and Shayne have given us some big clues.

In this tweet, you can see that Natalie and Shayne posted verrrrry similar Insta stories at a similar time. The images are literally of the exact same place, just from slightly different angles.

The pair both follow each other on Instagram right now. Natalie’s also been sharing some sweet behind the scenes pics on her Insta story, including a couple-y pic from filming, one of their first ever takeaway together (a Maccies, naturally), and one of her and Shayne working out together. This could just be her sharing fun pics of their time together, but if they’d broken up at the altar it doesn’t feel like Natalie would have kept those pics for all this time and then be happily posting them now.

All images via Instagram @natalieminalee

Shayne commented a “😮” emoji on Natalie’s recent Insta post which was a selfie of her. He’s also posted an Insta of the two of them with a romantic caption, saying: “I want to make sure everyone knows that Natalie is incredible woman with a huge heart and I hope everyone stays tune to see how it all unfolds! I wouldn’t trade my time on this wild ride for anything.” Would you write that about an ex? Natalie also commented on this pic with a red heart emoji.

Deepti and Shake

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Are Deepti and Shake still together now? Possibly not

Shake has been called the male embodiment of a red flag based on how he talks about Deepti in Love Is Blind – he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t fancy her and even that she feels like his aunt. It’s unclear whether Deepti and Shake got married on Love Is Blind and if they’re still together now, but they both still follow each other on Instagram.

According to Screen Rant, an Instagram user in LA who was out for dinner, uploaded a clip of Shake who was videoing himself for a Cameo. The user wrote: “Met [Shake] in line and now we’re recording cameos at the bar. Bruh.” In the video, you can apparently hear Shake say: “[…at 33-years-old] I thought I’d be married with kids and you know what, it may be a spoiler…” before trailing off. Trying to recover from what was clearly a big slip up, Shake quickly says, “Okay, you know what, I forget I ever said anything!” before continuing to record the Cameo.

Shake shared the Insta to his own story, writing: “Y’all really think I would post a spoiler like that[?] Or would I….” Fans are saying this was Shake dropping a spoiler and saying he didn’t marry Deepti. However, Shake posted about this on Instagram, saying he wouldn’t leak this for “clout”.

Iyanna and Jarrette

Are Iyanna and Jarrette still together now? Possibly not

Iyanna and Jarrette also still follow each other on Instagram, but they haven’t really interacted with each other’s posts. In one Insta post, where Jarrette shared a clip of he and Iyanna meeting the first time, he captioned it: “Some things are better left unsaid…But seeing her for the first time truly left me speechless…” People are saying the way this is worded may mean things didn’t end well between the couple.

In the preview for the finale, it looks like Iyanna gets into a car in normal clothes, clutching her wedding dress, whilst Jarrette is waiting for her at the end of the aisle. Does she run away from the wedding? However this could just be clever editing from Netflix – it could be a clip of her on her way to the ceremony that they’ve edited to seem different.

Mallory and Sal

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Are Mallory and Sal still together now? Possibly not

Mallory and Sal still follow each other on Instagram but haven’t posted anything about each other or really interacted since Love Is Blind season two first aired. Today, Mallory reposted an Instagram story that had tagged her. The original story, which she re-shared, had a link to an article speaking about all the Love Is Blind couples. It said (amongst other things) that Mallory was not attracted to Sal, she was “lying to herself” that Sal is the one, and that it’s unlikely they’ll say “I do” at the altar. “But no matter how many times Sal pulls out the ukulele, this just ain’t it,” the article said. Yikes 😬

She may have just been re-posting the Insta story without reading the link attached, but surely you’d check before re-sharing something to see if you agree with it? Things aren’t looking good for Mal and Sal.

Danielle and Nick

love is blind, season two, married, still together, clues, danielle and nick, deepti and shake, natalie and shayne, iyanna and jarrette, mallory and sal

Are Danielle and Nick still together now? Probably

So we already know that Danielle says “I do” to Nick at the end of Love Is Blind season two episode nine, but we don’t know what he responds and whether the couple gets married. Danielle and Nick still follow each other on Instagram, and Nick follows her siblings Megan and Brendan on Instagram, as well as the account of Brendan’s two-year-old puppy called Benny. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t follow my ex’s brother’s dog’s Instagram account, so it’s looking like Danielle and Nick may end up getting married after all.

Danielle also recently posted an Instagram about her mental health and explaining more of the story behind the panic attack we saw her have on Love Is Blind in Mexico. Nick commented saying: “Always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!” So even if they didn’t get married, it looks like the couple are still friendly.

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