Meet the siblings of this season’s Love Is Blind cast members

Deepti’s brother has a degree in Computer Science

You know it’s getting serious on Love Is Blind when the meet the families episodes come along. In season two of the show we’ve been introduced to the parents, siblings, friends and even pets of the Love Is Blind daters, and witnessed some very awkward grillings and toe-curling conversations.

Kyle crashed and burned with Shaina’s brothers, whilst Iyanna got on so well with Jarrette’s sister she helped her pick a wedding dress. But who are all the family members we met and those we didn’t? It’s time to really meet the family – here are all the siblings of the Love Is Blind season two cast members and everything we could find out about them.

Shaina’s brothers – Dane, Jesse and Jason

We definitely saw a lot of Shaina’s brothers in the show, awkwardly grilling Kyle over his intentions. She has three brothers, called Dane, Jesse and Jason. Dane went straight in, asking Kyle why he wanted to marry his sister, and Dane asked a million questions about Kyle’s hobbies and work, savagely awarding him “points” depending on what his responses were. The entire conversation was extremely awkward.

Going by his Instagram, Dane loves cars and has one son. Jesse’s Instagram is private, but his profile picture is also a car and Jason’s profile has nothing but a black profile picture. Not much to go with.

Danielle’s sister and brother – Meghan and Brendan

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Danielle’s brother will perhaps go down in history for asking how sexually active Danielle and Nick are, and then seemingly dipping out of the conversation again. Cool. Danielle is very close with her sister Meghan, and posts lots of pictures with her on Instagram. Brendan is the youngest of the siblings and both he and Meghan went to the University of Iowa.

Salvador’s sisters – Daisy and Victoria

Love Is Blind season two cast member siblings - the brothers and sisters

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In the show, Salvador and Mallory go and visit his sisters, Daisy and Victoria. They seem just as wholesome and kind as Sal, and seem to get along with Mallory too. Salvador is very close with his sisters, posting a lot with them and saying how much they mean to him.

According to LinkedIn, Daisy is a physician who specialises in anti-ageing medicine. She has an Instagram for her work page, and her personal Instagram says she is a mental health advocate too. Victoria’s Instagram says that they are queer, and are “hoping you find love, healing and empowerment here”.

Mallory’s sister – Tiffany

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On the show, Tiffany seems extremely open minded about how Sal and Mallory met, and asks Sal about his previous relationships. Sal and Tiffany seem to get on really well, but how can you not get on with him? According to LinkedIn, Tiffany works as a personnel administrator and has a Master’s in Sociology from DePaul University.

It also looks like Mallory might have a brother, but he wasn’t on the show. At least one of Mallory’s siblings has children, as Mallory often posts pictures with her two nephews.

Deepti’s brother and sister – Sunny and Divya

Love Is Blind season two cast member siblings - the brothers and sisters

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Deepti has two siblings, who we meet in season two of Love Is Blind. She has a brother called Sunny, who is married, and a sister called Divya. Deepti is very close with her siblings, posting on Instagram that there’s “no better friend than a sister” and calling her brother her “favourite”. On Divya’s birthday, Deepti posted calling her “my workout partner, my Starbucks buddy, my confidante, my BEST FRIEND!” She added: “The world is so much more beautiful with you in it.”

Sunny appears to have got married to his wife Hina in 2017, and recently shared they had celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. According to his LinkedIn, Sunny works as an engineer and has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. Divya is an UX Designer who studied web programming and design, management, and entrepreneurship at Purdue University.

Nick’s sisters – Jennifer and Jessica

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The conversation we see with Nick and Danielle, and Nick’s mother and sisters is extremely intense. The family ask lots about why they did the experiment, with Nick’s sisters rinsing him for previously taking two showers a day – which Nick is very defensive about. Nick doesn’t post much about his family, and both of his sisters have private Instagram accounts.

Jarrette’s sister – Dejah

Love Is Blind season two cast member siblings - the brothers and sisters

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Jarrette has a younger sister, called Dejah. Dejah gets on well with Iyanna that’s for sure, saying she could “immediately” see she was a good person and coming along with Iyanna to pick her wedding dress on the show. According to her Instagram, Dejah is 24 and works in fashion design.

Natalie’s sister – Samantha

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We meet Natalie’s sister Samatha when she comes to help Natalie pick a wedding dress on the show. The pair are very close, and Samantha works in digital payments strategy for a company called Discover. Her Instagram also says that she is a lover of ballet and chess.

Shayne’s brother – Brent

Love Is Blind season two cast member siblings - the brothers and sisters

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Shayne has a brother called Brent, who comes along to the suit fitting on the show. Brent is married to a woman called Elizabeth – they got married in 2019.

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