he/they of the day Twitter

People on Twitter are choosing a ‘he/they of the day’ and every one of them is too true

Never has a trend got it more accurate

One of the most random trends on Twitter right now is people choosing a he/they of the day – a character from any fiction you like, an anthropomorphic burger from a logo, an inanimate object – and tweeting it with a picture. And though it may be random, it’s also perhaps the most effortlessly funny and charming viral trend there’s been in a millennia. Mostly because literally every single one of them feels absolutely correct. Even if you never thought these characters or things would identity as he/they, you certainly do once you’ve read the tweets. So, in honour of how much I’m obsessed with the he/they of the day Twitter trend – here are the best ones all rounded up:

1. The truest thing I’ve ever seen – we need a Bomb Voyage spin off

2. A he/they of the day if ever I saw one

3. Oh absolutely a he/they

4. Never thought about this before but can’t unthink it now

5. The breakout star of Teletubbies as far as I’m concerned

6. Makes so much sense that DW became a cop, he/they’re such a nark

7. Teletubbies was actually full of genderqueer and non-binary characters tbh

8. Not got a clue who this is but I concur

9. I’ve always thought Petey Piranha was shattering gender norms in the Mushroom Kingdom


11. Piss off now

12. It’s the talonous long fingers that seal the deal

13. He/they’re outside of the binary for sure

14. Oh absolutely

15. An absolute icon

16. Just so true

17. Stay with me on this

18. The best one

A full explanation of he/they of the day can be found on Know Your Meme here.

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