Queerdle LGBTQ Wordle

There’s a clone of Wordle called Queerdle that only uses LGBTQ words and it’s iconic

The yassification of Wordle

Wordle has taken over the internet, and that is something I hope never stops. Going on to Wordle every day to try and guess that elusive five letter word is one of 2022’s finest little rituals, some order in the country as we watch the government crumble and Omicron ravage through. The runaway success of Wordle has resulted in an overload of clones as developers try and capitalise on the quick and easy formula. Some are dreadful, some are useful – like the one that allows you to play multiple times a day to maximise the word guessing hijinks. But if, like me, you feel like Wordle was missing that fun LGBTQ magic touch then there’s some great news for you. Meet Queerdle, the LGBTQ Wordle clone that you’re going to be as equally obsessed with.

‘The yassification of Wordle’

Queerdle, the LGBTQ Wordle, was created by Jordan Bouvier who announced on Twitter that they’d used Glitch to create a clone of Wordle in their own design – they yassified it. Queerdle is like Wordle in almost every way, but with a perfect camp twist. The words are all from gay culture – and vary from the usual five letter words to varying amounts. Players can also submit words to be added to the canon for approval.

How do you play Queerdle?

Just like Wordle, obvs! You type in your guesses and the game will tell you via its colour scheme if you got any letters right, wrong or right and in the wrong place. Along with cute little quips like “You’re a regular Derrick Barry!” Even the sharing emojis you get after completing the day’s Queerdle are queer; the correct letters are snakes, the yellow letters are bananas and the wrong letters are coconuts. You can put them in your mouth, of course. Past words include “dragking” and “twunk”, and some other NSFW ones that I’ll let you find out for yourself.

Have a go at today’s Queerdle here.

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