Every single time Shake from Love Is Blind has waved a very bright red flag at us

9. His teenage boy bedding is hell 


Shake from Love Is Blind on Netflix is the male embodiment of a red flag. In the first five episodes of Love Is Blind, Shake said so many things which left my jaw firmly on the floor. How can one man be so problematic? Correct me if I’m wrong but people sign up for Love Is Blind with the intention of marrying someone based purely on personality and not physical attraction, right? Did a producer forget to tell Shake about this? Because from the questions he was asking women in the pods, it was very clear he had the intention of ticking all of his usual physical boxes.

We have the biggest episode left, the weddings, but while we wait here’s a list of every single time Shake from Love Is Blind on Netflix waved a bright red flag at us so far this season:

1. Shake ‘only’ dating blondes

Shake Love Is Blind Netflix

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When he was in the pods, Shake claimed he had a history of only ever dating blondes. So clearly his preferred partner is very much so based on physical attraction. He went into this show completely ignoring the fact it’s literally designed to match people based on personality alone.

2. He straight up asked women if they exercise as part of his ‘criteria’

Shake’s dating criteria is the biggest piss take going. He has some ridiculous and down right rude expectations of his potential partner. In the pods, he even asked one woman if he works out. When she responds saying she’s not big on it, Shake literally tells her he HAS to be with someone who makes the effort to exercise – huge red flag.

3. He asked Deepti if she would be able to sit on his shoulders

Watching this made my toes curl. How can someone ask this? What is she meant to respond?? Outrageously bright red flag, was so distressed to see Deepti agree to marry this man.

4. He has a problem dating women slightly older than him

At the time of filming, Shake was 32-years-old. He asks a woman in the pod how old she is and when she says she is 33-years-old, he tells her he prefers “dating younger”. It was a one-year age gap. This man is a joke.

5. When he said ‘That booty is not safe’ before he met Deepti

“That booty is not safe”, via Netflix

Okay so watching Deepti and Shake meet made me legitimately wish I didn’t have eyes. As soon as he met her in real life his hands were on her bum faster than he could say “I’m going to get you pregnant”.

6. He is 30 something and is a DJ on the side

Shake loves to talk about a few things, one of them being the fact being a DJ is his “side hustle”. A HUGE ick, I think he forgot he was a 32-year-old man and not a 22-year-old living with his mum in his childhood box room. Name me one grown man who does DJing on the side and isn’t ready to fuck any woman over. Exactly! You can’t name one because they don’t exist.

7. When he tells everyone other than Deepti he doesn’t fancy her

via Netflix

I screamed at Deepti through my TV screen and told her to run for the hills because this man was going to ruin her life. At first I thought the pair had actual chemistry but clearly not because Shake decided to tell everyone (apart from Deepti herself) at the retreat in Mexico about his lack of attraction toward Deepti. He even said she reminds him of his AUNT – could he make his intentions any more platonic if he tried???

8. All of this comes after he bombards her with chat about their future

In the pods with Deepti, he talks about what their future will look like and says how he can’t wait to have children with her. It feels like A LOT and looking back now in hindsight, it was a bit fucked especially since he changes his mind sooooo fast when they’re out of the pods.

9. His teenage boy bedding is hell

via Netflix

This picture speaks for itself.

10. The fact he drives like this is an ick

via Netflix

This is easily the worst thing I have ever seen in my life.

11. Deeps literally admits Shake she doesn’t think Shake’s sexually attracted to her

via Netflix

Whilst their out for lunch, Shake tells Deepti he is worried about the fact they’re not on top of each other all the time. But her reaction makes me wonder if she’s clocking he has doubts. If your fiancé is telling you he’s not sexually attracted to you then WHY stick around?? Run, Deepti, run.

Shake continues to talk himself into being happy with Deeps, saying how he’s got the real prize because he has someone to come home to and share a bed with. But he’s not addressing the fact they are simply…just friends. Why is he putting her through all of this???

12. He tells Shayne that Deeps feels like an aunt

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This happened again when Shake spoke to Jarette in Mexico. Why the hell is he telling everyone other than the most important person? DEEPTI!! He’s such a red flag.

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