Drag Race UK Versus the World memes

23 memes from last night’s Drag Race UK Vs The World that prove the chaos is here to stay

Why does Jimbo keep talking to furniture may I ask?

Drag Race UK Versus the World is so far the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise like we literally have never seen it before. Chaos reigns, drama is spilling out of every orifice and nobody can call who’s going to be in the top and who will be in the bottom. Last night’s episode, the iconic Ball challenge, had the queens doing three categories on the runway themed after Mama Ru herself. As usual, Twitter was as iconic as the show itself – here are the best memes and tweets from episode two of Drag Race UK Versus the World.

1. The absolute cheek of it all

2. Honestly? MY WINNER

3. The judging is an absolute lottery at this point

4. I’m not crying it’s just my hay fever

5. My ears still can’t compute what they heard

6. Why are the judges SLEEPING on Blu Hydrangea may I ask???

7. The British Jan

8. A lot of evil going on in that Werk Room and on the panel this week

9. Another week, another thirst post for Pangina

10. The half arsed Jujubee looks are my Joker origin story honest to god

11. Baga and Roople are in cahoots

12. I actually can’t cope with this one

13. Really enjoying the mileage we’re getting from Jimbo’s talent show

14. It’s giving WINNER

15. I’m actually a bit obsessed soz

16. It was actually no joke the world’s WORST remix

17. The worst part of the episode

18. I would die for Jimbo

19. Just need a bit of space if that’s okay x

20. It was giving Gemma Collins in Celebrity Big Brother

21. Queen Hydrangea only speaks the truth

22. Have no clue at all what was going on here

23. Jimbo was literally so under appreciated on Canada’s Drag Race season one and these critiques are what she DESERVES x

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