Plan a Valentine’s Day date and we’ll tell you which Euphoria character is your soulmate

If you get Nate or Maddy then find a therapist ASAP

So, season two of the glamorous show that is Euphoria has been out for a couple weeks now, and we’re either all falling back into our glittery purple fashion phase or falling back in love with Zendaya or Fezor the icon that is Maddy. Probably both tbh. At the same time, Valentine’s Day is right round the corner, so it’s time to either go out and find a date or sit alone in bed for yet another year, binge-watching all your favourite TV shows (probs Euphoria) with nothing but a tub of ice cream. I know what I’ll be doing, anyway.

But for now, take this quiz to combine the two! Plan your ideal Valentine’s Day date and we’ll tell you who would be your Euphoria character soulmate. I’m sure you two will live happily ever after in a drunken, surreal haze – unless you get Nate. That man scares the living daylights out of me. If you get either him or Maddy, make sure you run in the opposite direction because I’ve never laid eyes upon a more dysfunctional couple. Good luck!

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