Molly-Mae podcast drama

Everything that’s happened to Molly-Mae in the two weeks since her podcast drama

Only Molly-Mae could get called ‘Tory scum’ and land a seven figure brand deal in the same two weeks

It has been two weeks since the internet’s attempted cancellation of Molly-Mae Hague for her podcast comments and a lot has happened since. It will come as no surprise to you that she has actually had masses of good fortune, I’m talking like a seven figure brand deal of good fortune and her engagement is pretty much back to where it was pre-tone-deaf podcast comments.

But before we get into the rundown of what happened to her, here’s a brief summary of what she was called out for. So, basically, this whole thing started when a clip of Molly-Mae on Steven Bartlett’s Diary Of A CEO podcast surfaced and she was heard saying some tone-deaf, privileged comments which completely overlooked social inequality. She said in order to be as successful as her, we just need to work harder and we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Her comments were awful but with everything that’s come out two weeks later, it proves no matter what she says, Molly-Mae is untouchable. Here’s everything that has happened to Molly-Mae since her 24-hour scandal:

Shaughna Phillips piped up only to be shut down my Maura Higgins

We all know Maura Higgins is Molly-Mae’s bestie. After Molly-Mae was called out for her tone-deaf comments about people needing to work harder to make money, Maura quickly got involved when fellow ex-Islander Shaughna Phillips posted her opinion on Molly-Mae’s podcast interview.

Shaughna tweeted saying: “Molly-Mae is young, who’s had a lot of success really quickly, and not a lot of ‘life’. So I can understand why she holds these views. We all say things when we’re younger and look back and think ‘well that was stupid’ lol. No shade, I wanna live in her bubble.”

Maura replied basically saying she’s really “surprised” Shaughna commented on the Molly-Mae situation at all. Savage.

Molly-Mae then defended her comments via her representatives

Her representatives shared a statement with Metro about the podcast drama which said Molly-Mae acknowledges “everyone is from different backgrounds” and that her comments on the podcast were about making the most of your time in relation to success as well as how determined she is to succeed in her own life.

It got to a point where Molly-Mae lost over 40,000 followers

Right, so this is where we can all say “yikes” because in the midst of it all, Molly-Mae’s Instagram following took a hit (which actually wasn’t that hard considering she has millions of followers). According to SocialBlade, Molly-Mae lost over 40,000 followers in the space of 72 hours – wild.

Her dad jumped to her defence as well as showing support for Elle Darby

Molly-Mae’s dad Stephen, who was a former police officer, defended her comments on an Instagram post. He said: “It must be so tough for media stars, influencers and public figures. Especially the younger ones who are still learning the emotional rollercoaster of life. And it hurts me to see people literally driven to death by cruel comments of people who don’t even know the individuals and hide behind a keyboard often on fake accounts cancelling someone for something five, six, seven or 10 years ago when a child, is profoundly naive and shows a real lack of emotional intelligence.”

He also showed some support for Elle Darby who recently had racist, homophobic and incredibly offensive tweets resurfaced from 2011.

Molly-Mae released a statement on her own Instagram about the podcast drama

via @mollymae on Instagram

One week ago, Molly-Mae apologised to “the people that misunderstood the meaning” of what she said on the podcast. You can read Molly-Mae’s full apology here. She then quickly resumed usual posting and her engagement and likes didn’t seem to take a hit either at all really.

More Islanders spoke about the Molly-Mae podcast drama

In a YouTube video, Amber Gill said she doesn’t think we all have the same 24-hours. She said: “To say we all have a level playing field is very damaging.” And similarly Greg O’Shea who won in a couple with Amber Gill, said: “The only reason people know who you even are is because of the show”.

You can read up on Amber and Greg’s opinions here.

Molly-Mae’s self-tan brand advertised to hire someone on a £17k salary

Molly-Mae, creative director at Pretty Little Thing, is allegedly worth around £2m. So it’s wild when you consider her self-tanning brand Filter to be offering a £17k salary for a full time job. Especially when the average UK salary for a social media content creator is £31,4000, according to Glass Door.

Pretty soon after a bit of backlash, the salary was raised to £20k-£25k.

Someone painted ‘Molly-Mae Tory scum’ on a Sainsbury’s in Manchester

Toward the end of last week, it was revealed that someone had written the words “Molly-Mae Tory scum” on the side of big Sainsbury’s in the student area of Fallowfield in Manchester. On a side note, the word “MILF” was also added underneath the original graffiti.

She then landed herself another seven figure brand deal

Despite everything, Molly-Mae has proved herself as a being who is immune to cancellation as she’s only went and landed ANOTHER seven figure brand deal. Adding to her current millionaire status is Beauty Works, she’s now signed with them until winter 2022.

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